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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Blood Sugar Control: How to Control Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy? Include these things in diet

Diabetes Control: Women who are overweight are at risk of diabetes during pregnancy. However, you can control the increased blood sugar in pregnancy to a great extent with your diet.

Diabetes In Pregnancy: Women often get very upset when they have diabetes during pregnancy. It is very important to control the rising blood sugar level during pregnancy. Actually, there are many changes in the body of women during pregnancy. In such a situation, the blood sugar level of many women also increases significantly. This is called gestational diabetes, which ends after pregnancy. However, it can cause many problems to the unborn child. There can be a bad effect on the health of the baby. Sometimes diabetes increases the risk of having a premature baby and miscarriage. In such a situation, you need to take great care of your diet.

Almonds- To control diabetes during pregnancy, you must include almonds in the diet. By eating soaked almonds, the baby develops well. Whenever you feel hungry and feel like eating some snacks, then you eat 10 almonds. This will also calm your cravings and keep blood sugar under control.

Salad- Eating salad helps in reducing the glucose level. You should include more salad in the food to control sugar. This slows down the glycemic index and keeps diabetes under control. You can try different types of salads. 

Eggs- Diabetes can be controlled by eating eggs. Eggs contain protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. This gives many benefits to your health. You must include eggs in the daily diet when blood sugar increases. You can eat eggs as snacks. This will help in the development of the child's brain and diabetes will also be controlled.

Dhi- pregnant women should include yogurt in your diet. Diabetes can be controlled to a great extent with curd. Yogurt contains pro-biotics which help in keeping the intestines healthy. Eating curd improves digestion and strengthens immunity.

Chia seeds- Consuming plenty of fiber during pregnancy helps in controlling blood sugar. Along with this, digestion is also good. You can also include chia seeds in the food for this on the advice of the doctor. Eating chia seeds helps in controlling diabetes. It is rich in fiber, which does not cause hunger quickly. Chia seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and calcium.

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