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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Bihar Tourism: Very few tourists visit these hidden places of Bihar

Bihar Tourism: Most of the people who are fond of traveling in India go to places like Uttarakhand, Himachal or North East. But do you know that even in Bihar, which is famous for politics, there are many such tourist spots whose natural beauty makes one crazy in a moment. You can visit these hidden places of Bihar in the coming holidays.

Most of the travel lovers like to explore the places of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and North India. When it comes to visiting Bihar, people remember or know it only for the deteriorating conditions of politics, starvation and floods. Bihar is very beautiful, yet this kind of negativity is spread about it. Do you know that there are many such places in Bihar about which very few tourists know. Bihar, which influences the politics of Delhi, has everything that makes it beautiful.

Here we are going to tell you about some such places of Bihar which very few tourists explore. Their natural beauty makes one crazy in a moment. If you want, you can plan to visit here during the coming summer holidays.

Rohtas, Bihar

This is a district of Bihar where you will get to see mountains surrounded by greenery. There is also a fort here named Rohtasgarh Fort. It is included in the list of most historical forts of India. The view full of greenery from this fort situated on the hills of Kaimur in Bihar looks very spectacular. It is said that this historical building was built by Raja Mansingh. If you are present in Rohtas of Bihar, then do visit this fort a few kilometers away.

Barabar Caves

Just 24 kilometers away from Gaya, Barabar caves have been carved out of rock. It is believed that these were built by sages during the Maurya period. Here you can see not only Hinduism but also the history related to Buddhism. Those who want to visit Bihar must visit this place.

Dungeshwari Heels

The name of Mahatma Buddha is associated with these heels. It is said that Mahatma Buddha had spent a lot of time on this hill before going to Bodhgaya. If you want to do mountain trekking in Bihar then you should visit this place. This place is the best option to spend peaceful moments amidst nature and peace. After seeing the lush green view here, you will not feel like returning home.

Jethian Valley

If people coming to visit Bihar want to see some unique place then they can see Jethian Valley. It is only about 125 kilometers away from the state capital Patna. This place is also related to Mahatma Buddha. It is considered one of the untouched places. If you want to explore the hidden places of Bihar then you should not return without seeing Jethian Valley.

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