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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Oxygen level is decreasing in the body, patients living at home should not do this thing

The second wave of Corona has created a stir across the country, ICU beds in hospitals and lack of oxygen are in bad condition of patients, in such a situation, health authorities are advising people to recover at home. , Doctors say that not all people need to come to the hospital if the difficulty in breathing increases, if the oxygen level on the oximeter is continuously going below 90, then only go to the hospital, besides those who are having trouble in breathing They must take care of some special things.

Stay away from these things
, according to the report, due to lack of oxygen in the body, stay about 5 feet away from things like gas stove, candle, fireplace, electric or gas heater, coming close to such things will increase your problems more. Do not use flammable products like paint thinner, aryosol spray, cleaning fluid, etc. Do not apply any products like petroleum, oil, grease based cream or Vaseline to the chest or any part of the body.

Do not
smoke, if you feel any difficulty in breathing, then do not forget to smoke, even stay away from cigarette and bidi drinkers, not only that but also aromatic incense sticks made from chemical used at home and Do not come in contact with the smoke of incense sticks.

Keep the windows and doors open.
If you are using oxygen concentrators, keep your doors or windows open, oxygen concentrators create oxygen by collecting the surrounding air , the concentrators extract oxygen from the air and make it into the patient's oxygen. It reaches the body, it will work well when fresh air is available.

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