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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Do not drink water immediately after eating these items, may cause health damage

water keeps our body hydrated. Drinking water is very important to keep away many 
diseases . Everyone should drink 6 to 10 glasses of water daily. The rest you can drink as much water. But that is not necessary and all people should drink the same amount of water in their body, as this water depends on the diet.

But did you know that drinking water after eating certain things can be dangerous to your health? Today we are talking about the foods and fruits that should not be drunk by mistake after eating. Otherwise you will fall prey to someone's reaction and get sick. Let's find out

After eating watermelon or melon

Water melon and musk melon should not be drunk immediately after eating. Watermelon contains more water. It should always be eaten alone. If you drink water after eating this, you may have stomach upset, acidity and bloating. You may have noticed that even the elders in the house do not allow you to drink water after consuming it.

After eating Chibhada Kankani

Crabs and gravel contain about 95% water. GI motility is increased if you drink water after eating it as it completes the lack of nutrients in your body after eating it. This has a very bad effect on your digestive system. Which can cause you diarrhea. So after eating it, you should avoid water for a while.

After eating boiled chickpeas

Drinking water after eating boiled chickpeas or after eating chickpeas can cause stomach problems. This is because our body has a sharp digestive fire or gastritis for the digestion of chickpeas. When drinking water this fire is quenched. Chickpeas do not reach the stomach well or digestion is disturbed and abdominal pain starts.

After eating peanuts

Let us say that the effect of peanuts is hot. At the same time, its nature is dry. After eating peanuts, it makes you want to drink more water. But doing so can cause you to have a cough problem. Drink water after a while.

After hot milk or tea

Water should not be drunk immediately after drinking hot drinks like milk and tea. This can cause you to have nosebleeds.

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