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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Men Health Guide: Men must ask their doctor these 4 health-related questions

Men Health Guide Sexual problems can affect any man whether straight, gay, bisexual or transgender. In such a situation, men should definitely discuss these problems with the doctor and ask questions.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 men have a sexual problem, with erectile dysfunction being the most common. Sexual problems can affect any man, whether straight, gay, bisexual or transgender. In such a situation, men should definitely discuss these problems with the doctor. Let's find out 4 such questions that men must ask their doctor.

1. Unusual diseases and sexual health that men should know about?

Dr. SS Vasan [(Bangalore) MBBS, DNB-General Surgery, DNB-Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery, FICS, Fellowship in Andrology and Incontinence (Singapore)] says:

High cholesterol: High cholesterol in men has a direct effect on sex life. In men, when touch, contact or thoughts come in the mind, the body releases chemicals that relax the penile nerves. Cholesterol is like wax, which can be thought of as fat or fat. If there is a high cholesterol in the blood stream, then there is a blockage in the arteries, which does not allow the flow of blood to remain normal and obstructs. Due to these obstructions, there is insufficient blood flow throughout the body. These include the penis and the genital area. As a result, problems related to the hardening of the penis arise. In addition, high cholesterol in the body makes it difficult to produce chemicals needed for an erection. Due to this, the penile tissue does not get proper rest, which can lead to erectile growth.

Heart disease (cardio vascular disease): Heart disease and stroke are the first and second most common diseases in both men and women. Therefore, it is advisable to make changes in physical activity and diet.

Depression and diabetes: If left untreated, diabetes can cause nerve and kidney damage, heart disease, and stroke. There may also be vision problems or blindness. Men with diabetes are at risk for low testosterone levels and sexual dysfunction. This can increase depression and anxiety.

2. 6 Tips for Good Sexual Health

Dr. Vineet Malhotra, Clinical Director, Dios Men's Health Centre, New Delhi says:

1. Eat healthy food: Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and food rich in anti-oxidants. Include seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids in the diet.

2. Quit Smoking: It is harmful for both sexual activity and fertility.

3. Quit excessive alcohol consumption: Limit the consumption of alcohol as it can harm your sexual health.

4. Avoid stress: To avoid stress, it is advisable to adopt some such methods, which not only reduce stress, but also get good sleep.

5. Regular Exercise: Exercise daily for 45 minutes to an hour for good sexual health. Make sure to workout at least 5 days a week.

6. Regular sexual activity is important for maintaining good sexual health.

3. Natural Home Remedies for Sexual Health

Dr. Raman Tanwar, Chief Andrologist (Euro Centre, Jyoti Hospital, Gurgaon; Secretary General Men's Health Society of India) says:

One in three young people and one in two old people suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be classified into two types. One of these is psychological erectile dysfunction where there is no problem with the thinking process. The second is organic erectile dysfunction, where there is a disease in the organs that regulate erections, which needs to be corrected. You can take the help of these natural remedies to overcome the problem of erectile.

Stress Management: Stress is the cause of many diseases, one of which is erectile dysfunction. To overcome this, exercise daily, do yoga, meditate, so that there can be distance from stress.

Eat a healthy diet: Diet plays an important role in sexual matters. Therefore, the diet should be balanced and it should have a high proportion of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.

Limit smoking and drinking: Avoiding intoxicants, especially smoking, is very important to prevent erection problems. Smoking is directly related to erectile dysfunction.

4. Does smoking cause sexual health problems in men?

Dr. Sanjay Pandey (Consultant Andrologist, Department of Urology, Kokila Ben Hospital) says that smoking and tobacco in any form have a bad effect on the health of the person. Today physical and mental stress contribute to erectile dysfunction and it happens in many ways. The common reasons that cause sexual health problems in men are diabetes, hypertension, obesity, aging, increasing cholesterol levels. Reproductive health issues can happen to anyone in any age group. That's why it's important to do some form of physical exercise daily, eat a healthy balanced diet, and maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight can also cause problems related to the reproductive system of men.

Anyone can experience problems related to reproductive health. It is important to understand that our unhealthy lifestyle plays an important role behind these problems. This is the reason why a healthy diet, the right weight and cleanliness are also important along with exercising daily. Being overweight or underweight also affects the reproductive system of men. In spite of a healthy lifestyle, if you are going through any problems related to fertility, then you must consult an andrologist. Ignoring these problems can do you more harm. It is important to understand that the problem of lack of a child is treatable and its solution is possible with better lifestyle and consultation. Therefore, do not be shy about any problem related to sex, but openly discuss with the doctor.

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