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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Govinda's niece Ragini Khanna has started looking old in 12 years, stardom ended in a few days, now she has to do this work to survive

Ragini Khanna: Govinda has been a well-known actor of Bollywood. He had a different charm in the 90s. Govinda has created a distinct identity in the industry on the basis of his hard work. Following the footsteps of Govinda, his niece and nephew also entered the world of showbiz. Recently Govinda's niece and TV actress Aarti Singh got married. In which Govinda also participated forgetting his old grudges. But the most talked about thing in this marriage was Govinda's other niece Ragini Khanna. The actress started her career with the TV shows Sasural Genda Phool and Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhaengi. But did Ragini get the benefit of being Govinda's niece in her career? Recently, the actress talked about this in an interview and told how her relationship is with Govinda's family.

Didn't get any advantage of being Govinda's niece – Ragini Khanna

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, when Ragini Khanna was asked whether being Govinda's niece benefited her career, she said, 'It did not. He is a very big star. The first thing is that I am not his daughter. I love Namu (Tina Ahuja). I love Yash. We're friends, but when you go to work, you're not seen like that. If you tell Namu and Yash to go on television, they will not go, but a Ragini will go. So did you know the difference? I want this to change.

Such is Ragini Khanna's relationship with Govinda's family.

Ragini Khanna further said that she is in touch with Govinda and his family and their mutual relations are good. She said, we don't hang out in restaurants like this. We don't go out. Actually, this is the first time in my life that I have not met Chichi Mama for 4 years because Covid had come in between. But I go home. I meet him. I talk to them. I talk to Sunita Mami at every function, every Diwali and birthday. Krishna, Aarti also talk about Bhaidooj, Rakshabandhan and Diwali. I get along well with everyone.

Ragini Khanna is away from glamor

Ragini Khanna has been away from the world of glamor for a long time and after a long time attended the wedding of her cousin Aarti Singh. Ragini showed her glamorous style in white and maroon saree at Aarti's wedding. From Ragini's latest look, it can be seen how much the actress has changed in 12 years. Let us tell you that Ragini Khanna has turned 39 years old. But the actress is not married yet. In an interview, Ragini had said that I want to marry a simple boy who is only going to get married, I do not want to get divorced. Talking about Ragini's work front, she was last seen in the film Dhumketu in 2020. She was last seen on TV in Comedy Nights Live in 2016. Since then, Ragini Khanna has not announced any new project.

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