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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Keep peacock feathers under your pillow before sleeping, your luck will change in a jiffy


Benefits of keeping more feathers under the pillow : Astrology has given remedies for every difficult situation in life and those who adopt the methods mentioned in astrology, they see its effect quickly. By following these things, all the defects present in the horoscope are gradually eliminated and with this, life once again starts getting back on track. Any person whose circumstances are adverse, his acquaintances from all over the world advise him that by doing this he can get good luck.

 One of those things is peacock feather, yes, elders advise that peacock feather should be kept in the house, because there is always a possibility of improvement in the condition of the house. If you too are thinking of bringing peacock feathers into your home but you are ignorant about its benefits, then there is no need to worry. In today's article, we will tell you in detail about the Vaastu benefits of peacock feathers.

Benefits of keeping peacock feathers under the pillow

1. All the defects of the horoscope get erased

Whenever a person keeps a feather of amor under the pillow while sleeping at night, all types of defects present in his horoscope are eliminated. It is said that by doing this, there is a sudden change in a person's luck and life becomes filled with wealth, glory, opulence and peace enters into life. It is said that by doing this, all types of negative energy present in the body gets eliminated rapidly and positive changes start taking place in the body.

2. You get God's grace

It is said that whoever keeps a peacock feather under his pillow while sleeping at night, God's blessings always remain upon him. It is said that Lord Shri Krishna also used to put peacock feathers on his crown and whichever devotee does the same, the Lord's blessings always remain upon him. By keeping peacock feather under the pillow while sleeping, health always remains good and all your sponsored work also gets done in the best manner.

3. Peacock feather makes married life happy

If someone's evil eye has set in on your married life and you are constantly having differences with your partner, then you can use peacock feathers for this. Bring two pairs of peacock feathers and keep one pair of feathers in the east direction of the bed and the other pair in the west direction. By doing this, there will be sweetness in your married life and all the problems in married life will automatically end.

4. Will concentrate on studies like peacock feather

If the small children of the house are not interested in studies at all, then keep peacock feathers near their books and study place. By doing this, the children will be eager to study and they can get good marks in the examination.

5. Peacock feather eliminates the evil effects of Rahu from the root

It is said about peacock feather that it eliminates the evil effects of Rahu within a short period of time. If there is any Rahu defect in your life, then fill a peacock feather in an amulet and tie it on your right foot and by doing this, all your troubles will gradually end. If you are unable to wear the amulet then there is no need to worry, you can also keep the peacock feather in your pocket. However, while keeping it in the pocket, it is important to take care that the peacock feather does not fall on the ground.

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