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Friday, May 10, 2024

Someone had a witch sitting on his chest, someone had an evil spirit inside, these 5 Bollywood celebs saw the real ghost with their own eyes.

Bollywood Stars Experienced Paranormal activities:
 We all must have experienced paranormal activities at some point in our lives. But, some people also believe that there is no such thing as a ghost, it is just an illusion of the mind. But do you know that there are many celebrities in Bollywood who have faced ghosts in real life. Who have seen untoward incidents happening before their eyes. Let us know about those 5 stars who have experienced paranormal activities in their life.

1.Bipasha Basu

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has worked in many Bollywood horror films (Bollywood Stars Experienced Paranormal activities). But along with reel life, he has also faced ghosts in real life. Actually, during the shooting of the film 'Raaz', the actress was sensing some paranormal activities in the hotel. Not only this but she was not even able to remember the dialogues of the script properly. Frightened by all these things, Bipasha had changed her room.

2. Kriti Sanon

Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has once faced paranormal activities. According to reports, during the shooting of the film 'Dilwale', she was preparing for her scene, when she felt that someone had pushed her. Along with this, bottles were repeatedly falling from the table kept nearby, which was quite strange for the actress. However, the actress was not scared by this incident.

3.Ranveer Singh

The name of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is also included in this list. He has also faced paranormal activities in his life (Bollywood Stars Experienced Paranormal activities). According to media reports, during the film 'Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer Singh saw the soul of Peshwa Bajirao in front of his eyes. This incident was revealed by the actor himself in an interview. He saw the shadow of Peshwa Bajirao in moustache, turban and royal attire on the wall.


The famous Bollywood hero number one of the 90s, Govinda, has also been forced to accept the presence of ghosts in the world. In fact, in his interview, Govinda had told that, in the hotel where he was staying for the shooting of a film, he felt as if a woman was sitting on his chest. But after some time the woman disappeared. After this incident, Govinda started believing in ghost stories.

5.Varun Dhawan

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan has also not lagged behind in this matter. The hotel where he stayed during the shooting of the film 'ABCD'. There, a singer had died before. On stormy nights, Varun used to hear someone singing in that hotel. Apart from this, the doors of all the rooms in the hotel used to open automatically. All the members of the film were very frightened by all these incidents.

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