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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Don't forget to reheat and eat these 5 things, these are big damages for health

Never reheat and eat these five food: In this news we are giving you information about those things which should not be reheated...

Health Tips: If you eat stale food hot again, then be careful. There are some such things, which can cause many harm to you by reheating it. Diet expert Dr. Ranjana Singh says that not every food item kept in the fridge is edible after reheating. Such food loses its nutritional value as well as taste and poses a risk of many diseases to the person. 

Never reheat and eat these five food

1. Spinach
Dr. Ranjana Singh says that eating spinach by heating it again can also be the cause of cancer. This increases the risk of getting cancer. The nitrates present in it after reheating are converted into some such elements, which increases the risk of cancer.

Diet Expert Dr. Ranjana Singh says that one of the most commonly used foods is potato. It is often used during meals in homes several times a day. When it is heated it promotes the growth of a rare bacteria of botulism. Eating it by heating it again has a negative effect on the digestive system.

3. Heating the egg (eggs)
Everyone knows that egg is beneficial for our body. Protein is found in high quantity in it and it should be consumed fresh. According to diet expert Dr Ranjana Singh, eating a fried or boiled egg after heating it again can have a negative effect on your health. Due to this you may also complain of stomach pain.

4. Do not eat chicken after reheating (Chicken) Like
eggs, chicken is also rich in protein. And eating hot chicken can also cause digestive problems. If you have kept it in the fridge, then do not eat it after heating it.

5. Do not eat rice reheating (Rice)
We see that most people eat the leftover rice from the night after reheating, but you will be surprised to know that by doing this you are playing with your health. By reheating stale rice, a person can suffer from food poisoning. Doing so leads to the presence of highly resistant bacteria called Bacillus cereus in rice. This bacteria is destroyed while cooking rice, but when the rice cools, these germs start growing again rapidly. In such a situation, when a person reheats them and eats them, then he can get food poisoning. 

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