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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Not only alcohol, these 5 things are also enemies of the liver, the more you stay away from them, the better.

Liver is like an engine in your body that works all day long. In such a situation, to maintain liver health, it is important to control the consumption of not only alcohol but also some other things.

Liver Health:  To stay healthy, health experts have been advocating a healthy liver. Healthy liver maintains the health of your entire body, but bad liver becomes the cause of many other problems along with it. In such a situation, it is often said that drinking too much alcohol has a bad effect on the liver because alcohol is said to be bad for the liver. But do you know that liver health cannot be maintained only by quitting alcohol. Actually, there are some other things whose consumption causes significant damage to the liver. Let us know what are the other things apart from alcohol which have a bad effect on the liver.

These foods harm the liver 

control sugar consumption  

Consuming too much sweet food i.e. too much sugar does not prove to be good for your liver. In fact, when someone consumes too much sugar, the liver converts this extra sugar into fat. In such a situation, if you consume too much sugar then the chances of having fatty liver in your body may increase. 

Avoid cold drinks   

If you are fond of drinking cold drinks and carbonated drinks, then you are playing with your liver. All these drinks contain a lot of sugar and if you consume these drinks more than the limit, then excess sugar will enter your body and harm your liver and you will have the problem of fatty liver. 

Use salt within limits  

It is said that it is very important to have salt in food. But eating too much salt can also make your liver sick. Consuming too much salt causes water retention in the body and has a negative effect on the liver. In such a situation, to keep the liver fit, you should consume salt only in limited quantity.

Flour causes harm

Consumption of flour and flour products should be reduced so that your liver remains healthy. In fact, foods made from flour and especially those foods containing flour which are fried in excess oil, all make your liver sick. Things like pasta, pizza, bread harm your liver. 

Red meat        

If you eat red meat, you have to keep in mind that its consumption should also be within limits. Red meat contains a lot of protein and if you consume too much protein, the liver will have to work extra hard to digest it and its efficiency will be affected.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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