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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Be careful of these infectious diseases in the changing season, otherwise you may have to suffer.

This month of October is bringing changes in the weather. In such a situation, changing weather and changing mood of air brings with it many types of infectious diseases.

Weather Change Health Tips:  The weather is changing and winter is going to knock soon. In terms of health, this changing weather brings many types of harm to health. These include those infectious diseases (viral diseases) which become a threat to health in the changing weather. It is during such seasons that flu and other infectious diseases wreak havoc on everyone from children to adults. Let us know which infectious diseases spread in the changing weather and what should be done to avoid them. 

Cold and nose infection

When the air starts becoming dry during the changing seasons, the nose gets affected the most. The number of people falling ill suddenly increases due to cold air. In fact, when cold and dry air comes in contact with the membranes that protect our respiratory system, the moisture of these membranes is lost and external bacteria enter the lungs. In such a situation, problems like cold and nose infection arise. Due to this the person becomes victim of viral infection. 

Influenza flu

The greatest risk of influenza and flu arises in the changing seasons. As soon as dry air enters the body, along with cold, sore throat, pain in hands and feet, stiffness and growth of thorns in the throat start appearing. Due to these reasons, a person suffers from flu virus and it does not take much time for him to become victim of viral fever. Apart from this, people who are allergic to the changing weather also often fall ill in the month of October. In such a situation, complaints of itching, itching and rashes on the skin are often heard after coming in contact with dry air.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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