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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Jawan dies 'here' in front of Gadar 2, agreed - Shahrukh Khan is nothing compared to Sunny!

After the release of Gadar 2, the eyes of market investors along with common people were fixed on Shahrukh Khan's film Jawan. Shahrukh Khan's film Jawan is doing wonders at the box office, but has proved ineffective in the stock market. Let us try to understand from market data.

What happened that on one hand Jawan is making waves at the box office and on the other hand it died in the stock market within two days. A month ago, when Sunny Deol's film Gadar 2 was released, there was chaos on Dalal Street along with the ticket window. You might also be wondering what is the relation between Gadar 2 and Jawan with the stock market? Yes, not direct but definitely indirect. The link in these relationships is the multiplex chain PVR Inox. In which Gadar 2 had breathed new life into the stock market after its release.

At that time, the company's shares had fallen by 5 percent in two days and before the release of Jawan, a rise of 12 percent was seen. Whereas Shahrukh's craze was visible at the ticket window, but could not take off in the stock market. In two days, PVR stock could rise by a little more than one percent. Let us understand from the stock market data that by how much and how did Shahrukh lag behind Sunny Deol?

Sunny had blown away the market in two days

Let's start with Gadar 2. The film was released on Friday, August 11 and during that time it was competing with Rajinikanth's Jailer and Akshay Kumar's OMM2. Even after that, Sunny Deol's film defeated everyone at the box office. Its effect was visible in the stock market. After the release of Gadar 2, even though the shares of PVR Inox may have closed with a slight rise on Friday, but after the box office collection of Gadar 2 and footfall figures of people in PVR were revealed, the shares of the company increased by 7 percent on Monday i.e. 14th August. Ran more than. If we look at the data of Friday and Monday, two days after the market closed, a jump of more than 5 percent was seen in the share of PVR.

12 percent jump in one month

After that, the success of Gadar was seen in the market for the next one month, until Shahrukh's Jawan was released. The shares of PVR Inox crossed the level of Rs 1800 by September 6 and closed at Rs 1827.30. This means that the company's shares saw a jump of 12 percent between August 10 and September 6. Which in itself is considered a record in the stock history of PVR. After which market experts started feeling that in the coming days, when a must-awaited film like Jawan will be released, PVR will break its 52-week high and cross the level of Rs 2000.

The soldier died in the stock market in two days

There is a slight difference between the release of Gadar 2 and Jawan. While Gadar was released on Friday, Jawan was released on Thursday, so that the film could get a long weekend. On Thursday, the film earned Rs 75 crores in India and globally this figure reached around Rs 130 crores, which was much higher than Gadar 2. Even after that, Jawan's magic did not work at all and on Thursday, PVR's shares saw a rise of only one percent. On the second day on Friday, the box office collection and footfall figures also could not pump up the shares of PVR in the stock market and the company's shares remained in the green but closed at Rs 1847.85 with a gain of only Rs 1.35.

What can be expected from the young man?

Now the biggest question is what the stock market should expect from Jawan in the next few days. It is a very big and complex question. When the stock market opens on Monday, the box office figures of four days of Jawan and the footfall of people in multiple plexes along with the estimated figures of PVR Inox ticket sales and revenue will be available. Which is expected to be very good. Experts say that a good rise can be seen in the shares of PVR Inox on Monday. The company's share figure can cross Rs 2000. It is possible that the company's shares may not rise by 12 percent in a month, but this figure may remain between 8 to 10 percent in a month.

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