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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Jinping will regret a lot by not coming to Delhi G20, this power will be lost from the hands of China!

G20 Summit: Now not only India but also America has become alert about China's ever-increasing occupation. Gulf countries can also join India and America in eliminating this growing influence.

China was called the king of technology… We are saying this because in the last two years this possession was continuously snatched away. When the Indian government banned Chinese apps, China has been continuously coming down on this front. Now the absence of Chinese President Xi Jinping in the G20 meeting may prove more costly for China. A roadmap is about to be prepared to end China's growing influence in the countries of the Middle East.

This roadmap is going to be made by none other than India, America and Gulf countries together. A major proof of China's dominance over the Middle East is its huge investment. China has invested $273 billion in the Middle East and North Africa in the last 15 years. Now India and America have become alert to end this growing influence of China.

This is how China will be defeated

During the G20 summit, a decision can be taken on a plan to counter China's growing influence. US President Joe Biden can announce a joint deal in this summit of UAE. If this announcement is made then preparations will now be made to surround China through rail network. Under this plan, Gulf countries will be connected by a rail network. Through which India will also be connected to the ports of these regions through shipping routes.

This is how China's power will reduce

In fact, this deal will be part of America's efforts to balance China's growing influence in the Middle East. Now, along with America, Gulf countries and India have also joined it. In such a situation, it is believed that this deal really has the potential to reduce China's power. Recently, China has helped Saudi Arabia and Iran to reach an agreement to strengthen its hold on the Gulf countries. So that its dominance can increase further. In such a situation, if any decision is taken on this deal during G20, then it will undoubtedly reduce China's power.

How will India benefit?

Under this scheme, such a mega rail network will be prepared. Which America. UAE, Saudi Arabia and India will connect everyone. It is believed that through this project a railway network will be laid in West Asia. This project can prove to be very important for India. Because it will include superpowers like America as well as Gulf countries. When the four big powers come together, the inclination of Middle East countries towards China will reduce. India will directly benefit from this. Middle East countries are looking for a strong partner and India can fill this gap.

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