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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Tata is ready for 'war' with Reliance, is going to do this big work

The world is still embroiled in the Ukraine-Russia war. On the other hand, the 'trade war' between China and America is not ending. Now the stage of a new 'war' is being set in India also. This is the business of becoming a superpower in new technologies. For this, Reliance and Tata have also geared up.

After the 'war' between Russia and Ukraine, 'trade war' between China and America, now a new war 'New Business War' is starting in India. Now companies are focusing on who will rule the businesses of the future, which companies will survive in the coming years. From Vedanta to Adani Group, they are ready to enter the digital era, while Tata has also geared up to take on Reliance.

Yes, Adani Group is rapidly building data centers across the country. Vedanta Group is preparing to enter the semiconductor segment. Tata is also preparing to work with Foxconn for semiconductor, while Reliance has already tied up with Google-Facebook and now news of its deal with Nvidia for AI and chip making is also floating in the market. Are.

However, Tata Group has also decided to give a tough competition to Reliance in this matter. Which is already involved in the digital field through companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Tata Elxsi.

Tata Group's preparation

American chip designer company Nvidia informed on Friday that it will develop a platform in collaboration with Tata Group to create artificial intelligence based solutions. Both the companies will jointly create an AI supercomputer. It will have Nvidia's next generation Grace Hopper superchip.

Actually, Tata Group and Nvidia will together develop an AI cloud in India. This will provide a critical infrastructure for the next life cycle of computing. The global network of Tata Communications will be connected to the AI ​​network. This will help companies to transfer their data to AI cloud at high speed. In this way every business firm will have access to AI module.

Nvidia's founder and CEO Jensen Huang says that partnering with Tata will help in meeting the demands of growing AI startups in the market.

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