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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

These things can break the dream of becoming a father, married men should not consume it even after forgetting!

health news: In this news, we are giving you information about those things, from which married men should avoid ...

health news: In this run-of-the-mill life, most of the men are unable to take care of their health much due to the pressure of work. Reverse eating has a bad effect on health. There are many foods that can be harmful to the sexual health of men. Apart from weakness, consuming these foods can cause problems like obesity, sexual, heart problem, kidney problem. 

According to media reports, in the last few years, due to lack of proper diet and lack of nutrition, the fertility of men has been affected. Unhealthy habits such as alcohol and cigarettes are to blame for this. Health experts say that your wrong diet is not only harming your sex life, but it is also shattering the dream of becoming a father. 

How to maintain sexual health?
According to well-known Ayurveda doctor Abrar Multani, if sexual health is to be maintained, then stop drinking alcohol completely. Consumption of alcohol impairs the health of your testosterone hormones. This hormone is directly related to sexual ability. Apart from this, if you do not sleep even for seven to eight hours every day, then the bad days of fertility start.

These things affect sexual ability

Cigarette consumption
Cigarette consumption is harmful for men. Due to its consumption, the level of oxygen in the body decreases. Due to this, the reproductive power of men also weakens, so men should not consume cigarettes. 

Bathing with hot water
If you also take a bath with hot water, then be careful. It has been revealed in many studies that the low temperature for sperm production is in its favor. While taking a bath with hot water, the temperature of your testicles gets disrupted and this has a direct effect on the sperm count.

Avoid eating foods rich
in sodium, men should reduce the intake of those foods in which the amount of sodium is high, sodium reduces the blood circulation in the body, which leads to erectile dysfunction. That is why men should reduce the use of cheese, snacks, pickles, soy sauce and baking soda.

Do not consume these drinks
Sugary drinks can also harm the health of men. If you also drink soda, energy drinks and carbohydrate drinks, then be careful, because excessive consumption of them can lead to heart disease, blood flow and blood pressure problems in people.

Do not consume meat, according to
doctor Abrar Multani, processed meat has a bad effect on your body, because it contains hormonal residues, which can harm the reproductive system. This is the reason why men are advised not to consume more meat.

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