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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

TB can occur in the intestines, do not ignore these symptoms

Intestinal Tuberculosis: Intestinal TB can affect any part of the digestive system and mostly affects the small and large intestine.

Tuberculosis In Intestine: Although Intestinal Tuberculosis affects people of all ages, but young and middle-aged people are more prone to its infection. Apart from this, its infection also occurs early in diabetes and HIV positive patients. According to the report of OnlyMyHealth.com, published in Dainik Jagran, vomiting and pain in the lower abdomen can be symptoms of intestinal TB.

Experts say that this disease is also caused by coming in contact with infected sputum, food items contaminated with TB bacteria and reaching the intestines due to lung TB infection. According to the report, intestinal TB can affect any part of the digestive tract and mostly it affects the small and large intestine. Intestinal TB is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis.

It is written in the report that the symptoms of intestinal TB are less visible than other TB infections. That's why sometimes there is a delay in its detection. Actually, intestinal TB is similar to common TB and it is easily treated, but due to delay in treatment, the intestines get badly damaged.

Loss of body weight
Actually, due to TB infection in the intestines, there is trouble in digesting food and digestion gets spoiled. Due to this, the body does not get the necessary nutrients from food and the body starts becoming weak, as well as weight loss.

Persistent mild fever is also a symptom of TB, according to the report. Due to this, many times there is a feeling of very high heat in the night and then there is heavy sweating. If there is a persistent mild fever and night sweats, then do not ignore it at all and consult a doctor.

Changes in eating habits
help the intestines to digest food. If there is intestinal TB, there can be a change in eating habits. Appetite may decrease. Distaste for food may arise.

Persistent mild abdominal pain
, due to TB in the intestines, many people complain that there is a slight pain in their stomach. Sometimes this pain can be less or sometimes more. Along with this, the infected person also has the problem of constipation. Due to which there is complaint of gas and indigestion.

Abdominal cramps
Severe abdominal cramps are a clear symptom of intestinal TB and cannot be ignored. Abdominal cramps can be intermittent and sometimes it can also be felt as a sharp pain around the navel.

Diarrhea - Vomiting
is the most prominent symptom of intestinal TB. One out of every three people suffering from TB in the intestines has a problem of diarrhea. Vomiting or feeling nauseous is also one of its main symptoms. Some of its patients start feeling vomiting after eating food, while some feel vomiting even after drinking water.

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