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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Know how stress during pregnancy increases trouble for the woman!

It is common for a woman to have stress problems during pregnancy, but if the woman is taking excessive stress, then it can lead to a harmful situation not only for the woman but also for her unborn baby.

There are many hormonal changes in a woman's body during pregnancy. Due to this woman has to face many problems. Hormonal changes also have an adverse effect on a woman's mind. Women have to face problems like mood swings, stress, irritability etc.

On the other hand, if the pregnancy is unplanned or the woman is not ready for it, then the woman starts worrying about the birth of the child and subsequent responsibilities and her stress increases. A little bit of stress is normal in pregnancy and it can also be controlled. But if for some reason the problem of stress is too much, then it can have a bad effect on both the woman and the unborn child. Know how!

Know what is the effect of stress on the child

It is believed that the hormones released from the body during stress can create complications during pregnancy. Due to excessive stress, a woman's BP can increase, due to which a situation can arise up to miscarriage. Also, excessive stress can have an effect on the immune system of the child. Apart from this, many times the stress hormones reach the body of the fetus through the mother due to taking too much stress of the mother. In such a situation, the habit of taking anger, irritability and stress can also come in the nature of the child after birth. Any mental problem can also be due to this.

ways to control stress

- If you have fear of the safety of the upset caused by pregnancy or delivery and the baby, talk to experts about it and stay positive. Enjoy the time of pregnancy as a special time.

- Make sure any work they want the day to reduce stress. This will not only improve your mind, but will also bring creativity in your child.

Do yoga and exercise regularly as directed by the doctor. This improves blood circulation in the mind and makes the mind feel refreshed.

- Make sure the regular morning and sometime meditation evening. Meditation is a panacea to control stress. Apart from this, do deep-breathing exercises. This will give peace to the mind.

- Talk to your friends in free time. Share your heart with them. This will also remove the burden of your mind and stress will also be controlled.

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