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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

5 reasons why you should take a break from the phone for a while

Bad Effects Of Smartphone: Smartphones have given us many facilities but have also given many diseases.

Bad Effects of Smartphone: There is no doubt that smartphones have made our lives easier. We get information about things around the world on a smartphone in seconds. Now there is no delay in talking to loved ones sitting in any corner of the world. But the bitter truth of the smartphone is also that due to its excessive use, we have to go through many types of physical and mental pain. According to the news of TOI , this not only puts us in physical trouble, but due to the glut of online information due to smartphones, we may also have to go through heavy stress and depression. According to the news of TOI, there are five reasons why you need to take a break from mobile. Let us know about these five reasons-

Damage to the eye
The most negative effect of mobile is on the eye. Cell phone screen damages the photoreceptor present in the eye. This causes many types of problems in the eyes. Eye pain, headache, blurred vision and dryness in the eyes are the common symptoms. That's why you now need to take a break from the smartphone for a few days.

Hand surgery may also be required,
if you spend 5 to 6 hours daily on the smartphone, then there may be a problem of carpal tunnel and selfie wrist in future. Carpel tunnel is a disorder in the hands in which there is weakness in the nerves of the hand, wrist, etc., due to which there is pain and weakness in the overall hand. On the other hand, selfie wrist is a disease in the elbow due to taking selfie. In this, there is pain and weakness in the elbow. Fingers start looking crooked. Sometimes surgery has to be done for it.

Effects of Premature Age
It has been proved by many studies that thousands of types of germs are found in the phone. Smartphones often touch the head, cheeks, nose, eyes etc. Because of this, the germs present in the phone get into the skin, which causes stains, spots, nail-acne. Even the effects of premature ageing are visible on the skin.

Distorts the
sleeping pattern The smartphone completely disturbs the sleeping pattern i.e. the nature of sleep. Our body has a clock that encourages us to work at a fixed time, but since the advent of the smartphone, most people use the smartphone at night while sleeping. Its screenlight makes the pupil of the eye very active, due to which there is no early sleep. Therefore, due to the smartphone at the time of sleeping, sleeplessness is becoming a problem.

If you
use the phone excessively, then you will also take excessive stress. In the process of scouring the Internet, it tries to get inside you a vast store of information. You start getting entangled in this trap. Both true and false information hurts your heart. But your habit complicates it more. The result comes in the form of stress and depression.

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