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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Never offer these things including vermilion to Shiva Ji, there may be a big crisis

Some things have been said to be taboo in the worship of Shiva, such as turmeric, vermilion, conch shell etc. Offering these things on Shivling does not give the fruit of worship. 

In the month of Sawan, worship of Shiva is done. Panchamrit, Bel leaves, Datura, Kaner flowers etc. are offered on Shivling. Mahadev likes these things very much. By offering them, Lord Shiva is pleased and fulfills all the wishes, but there are some things that can make Shiva angry by offering them. Offering these things to Shiva is said to be forbidden. Know what are these things which should not be offered on Shivling and why should not be offered.  

Why these things should not be offered to Shiva 

Turmeric: Turmeric should never be offered to Shiva. Since turmeric is believed to be related to woman and Shivling is a symbol of masculinity. In such a situation, using turmeric in the worship of Shiva does not give the fruit of worship. 

Do not use conch shell: It is mentioned in the Shiva-Purana that Shiva had killed a demon named Shankhchud, so offering water to Shiva with a conch shell or using a conch shell in worship may make him angry.  

Coconut water: Coconut can be offered on the idol of Shiva, but it is forbidden to offer coconut water on Shivling. Apart from this, coconut offered to Shiva should not be eaten as Prasad. 

Tulsi Dal: Tulsi Dal is offered to Lord Vishnu. It should not be offered to Lord Shiva even by mistake. According to mythology, a demon named Jalandhar was blessed with immortality due to the purity of his wife Vrinda and the armor given to him by Vishnu. Due to this boon of being immortal, he started torturing people, then Shiva killed him. Angered by this, Vrinda cursed Shiva that the use of Tulsi would be prohibited in his worship. 

Sindoor: Usually vermilion is offered to many deities in worship, but never offer vermilion to Shankar ji. Actually, vermilion is considered a symbol of honey and Shiva is the destroyer. In such a situation, offering them vermilion can be inauspicious.   

Red Flowers: Red flowers should never be offered to Shiva. They should offer Kaner or Aparajita flowers. They are very dear to him. 

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