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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Donate by months : Sorrow will go away and problem will be solved, when you will donate things according to every month

The importance of charity has been told in the Sanatan tradition . Charity is said to be more than penance because penance is always done for oneself , whereas charity is always given to help others . It is always good to give charity , knowledge to receive and pride to give up . It is said that charity should never be given to a wicked person . Such a donation often goes in vain , whereas a donation given in good spirit to a deserving person always bears fruit . We have many things mentioned here for charity . Such as donating money , gazing donations , donations of food , cow ,Cancer charities etc . But the donation of all things is fruitful only when done to the right person at the right time . Let us know which thing should be donated in which month –

  1. Donated Chaitra month - a deserving person in Chaitra month of the grain such as wheat , tur , yogurt - rice , pottery , food , water , fruit of the vine , clothing , should donate beds etc .
  2. Donated cornered month - Since the summer of this month so that thirsty or who needed water donated her water and umbrella , fan , should donate slippers etc .
  3. Donation of Jyeshtha month – It is very hot in this month . A Jrurtmnt person in the water , shoes - slippers , should umbrella and Anndan etc .
  4. Donated Aashaadh month - Amla in Aashaadh Mass , sandalwood , camphor , and religious studies - should donate content writing .
  5. Donated Shravan month - green vegetables in the month dedicated to Shiva Sawan , butter , milk , grain , should donate clothing etc .
  6. Donated Bhadrapad month - needy people Bhadrapad mass of grain , fruit , should donate by honey and milk .
  7. Donation of Ashwin month – Donation of sesame and ghee has special significance in this month . Along with this, honey , unmarried girls should donate food , clothes etc. according to their capacity with reverence .
  8. Donated Kartik month - green fodder for cattle etc. animals this month , Deep , salt , grains , seeds , should donate more .
  9. Donation in the month of Aghan – Jaggery , salt and clothes etc. should be donated in the month of Aghan .
  10. Donation of Paush month - Since it is very cold in this month , so donate woolen clothes , blankets , jaggery , food etc. to needy people in this month .
  11. Donation of Magh Month - Donating sesame , jaggery , woolen clothes , blankets etc. in the month of Magh gives special merit .
  12. Donation of Falgun month - Donating pure ghee , sesame , mustard oil , fruits and warm clothes in the month of Falgun gives merit .

(The information given here is based on religious belief and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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