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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

4 Signs that show that he is not interested in you, know why?

So you've been talking to this guy for a long time, but you don't know how he feels about you because he gives you mixed signals. 
Sometimes you feel that he is too eager to talk to you, while at other times you feel like he may be upset about you or your feelings.

If he ignores you more often than he engages, chances are he is not interested in you. Do you often feel neglected through him? Then look for these 4 signs if you feel that he is taking you lightly and not making you his priority.

he never answers on time

Whenever you text him, he doesn't respond right away. He is very busy answering your text quickly and is always busy with something or the other and is ready to come up with excuses.

he never puts any extra effort

It's always you who are trying to keep the conversation going. He neither initiates the conversation nor does he ever show interest in the conversation or go out of his way to not allow it to reach an impasse.

he ignores you

When you call him or meet him in public, he tries his best to ignore you instead of accepting your presence. If he doesn't meet you with enthusiasm and sparkle in his eyes. So maybe he's not interested in you.

He doesn't seem curious to know more about you

When you talk to him, the conversation is always about him and his interests and aspirations. He never bothers to ask you about your feelings and thoughts or your plans for the future, these are mostly one-sided conversations.

These are some of the signs by which you come to know about your partner that the person whom you are mistaken for as your partner, is he really worth you or is he showing his interest in you? And if it is not so, then you should part your ways as soon as possible.

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