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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Bed Tea Side Effects: From ulcers to stress, bed tea harms such a body

You must have often seen working people that their work does not go on without tea. 
Two sips of tea drives away their laziness because the caffeine present in tea activates the body. But some people's morning is not without tea. Some people need tea in bed as soon as they wake up in the morning and they get strange restlessness when they do not get tea. Problems like pain in the body, muscles and head start happening. All this happens because of their addiction to taking bed tea. If you also have a habit of taking bed tea in the morning, then change this habit today or else there may be many problems.

1. Ulcer problem: Drinking hot tea in the morning on an empty stomach damages the inner surface of the stomach. Also, empty stomach tea also produces acid. In such a situation, when there is a problem of ulcer in the stomach gradually, it is not known.

2. Gaining weight: If you want to lose weight, then you should never drink bed tea in the morning. In the morning, along with tea, sugar also reaches your empty stomach, which increases your weight very fast.

3. Problem of joint pain: Drinking more tea also causes joint pain. In such a situation, those who take bed tea in the morning, its side effects increase more rapidly and they start complaining of joint pain at an early age.

4. Digestive system disturbs : Morning bed tea disturbs your digestive system. People who drink tea empty stomach in the morning, problems like gas, indigestion, acidity, stomach irritation are mostly seen.

5. Increases the risk of stress: The amount of caffeine in the body of people who drink a lot of tea increases significantly. In such a situation, their mind becomes more active many times. In such a situation, if they have a habit of taking bed tea, then the possibility of increasing anger, irritability and tension increases significantly.

6. BP gets affected: Morning tea affects your body very fast. In such a situation, caffeine dissolves very rapidly in the body, due to which the heart beat can be accelerated or BP can be affected. That's why it can be said that bed tea is not good for heart health either.

What to do

Instead of bed tea, take green tea or lemon tea in the morning. Use honey instead of sugar in green tea and lemon tea. But before that definitely drink a glass of water. If the addiction of tea is high, then after drinking water, take two biscuits or toast with tea. Never take empty tea.

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