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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Know what kind of utensils eating has a positive effect on the body

New Delhi: In India, more attention is always paid to the type of food in which you are eating than to the food. In today's time, people mostly prefer to eat in plastic designer plates. Not only this, it has also been seen in restaurants that steel plates and bowls are rarely used. But it is not good for health at all. Very few people are aware that each type of vessel has its own merits and demerits. Perhaps you must have heard that drinking water in a copper glass is very beneficial. But if we talk about plastic utensils in them, then there is no quality in them. Rather, it can infect you with diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know that in order to stay healthy, you should eat food in a vessel made of which thing.

Ceramic utensils are chemical free

In today's time, ceramic utensils are most in trend. These utensils are also known as porcelain. To prepare porcelain pots, clay is heated to a high temperature. Many people have also started cooking food inside ceramic utensils. You can also use these utensils. It keeps your food healthy for a long time as it does not contain any kind of chemicals.

Benefits of eating food in silver utensils

People usually use silver in the form of jewelry. But Ayurveda has been advocating for eating food in silver utensils for a long time. According to Ayurveda, silver utensils have such properties, which protect you from diseases that occur with the changing seasons. Overall, if you eat or drink water in silver utensils, then it keeps you completely healthy.

  • Silver utensils contain extracts which increase your brain power.
  • Apart from this, if small babies are fed milk in silver utensils, then they remain more healthy.
  • Drinking water in a silver glass is also considered very beneficial. Actually, such elements are found inside silver which work to fight any kind of impurities present inside the water.

If there is a complaint of anemia, then steel utensils are good.

In India's poor and middle-class households, steel utensils are used the most. This is because these utensils last for a long time. While very few people know that steel does not react to oil and acid and grease. Not only this, iron is present in steel utensils which is known to produce red blood cells in your body. In such a situation, if someone has a complaint of anemia, then he can benefit from eating food in a steel plate. Apart from this, it is also very easy to recycle steel utensils. Overall, steel is a durable and extremely healthy utensil that can be used for cooking.

Memory sharpens pot of gold

Today Indian women use gold only in the form of jewelry. But there was a time when people used to eat food only in golden utensils. At the same time, there are some people who still like to eat food in golden utensils. Let us tell you that eating food in a golden vessel sharpens your memory. In such a situation, the use of gold utensils is also beneficial in Alzheimer's disease. Not only this, according to Ayurveda, eating food in golden utensils can also balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas.

Metabolism accelerates copper vessel

Copper utensils were used a lot in earlier times. It is said that copper is related to the sun and fire. Eating food on a copper plate increases the fire. Due to which your metabolism is accelerated, apart from this, there are many benefits of eating food in a copper plate or vessel, which are as follows.

Benefits of eating in a copper vessel

  • in detoxifying the body
  • to increase hemoglobin
  • to increase digestive power
  • protect against heart disease
  • balance blood pressure
  • Improve skin and reduce the effects of aging
  • Relief from joint pain and muscular pain
  • in weight loss

Banana Tree Leaf

No metal or plastic utensils are used inside South India. Rather, the leaves of the banana tree are used there as a plate. People here believe that eating on banana leaves improves the taste of food and increases appetite. Also, there are antioxidant properties inside bananas which are beneficial for your health. Also it is eco friendly too.

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