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Thursday, May 2, 2024

This test tells whether there is a blood clot in the heart or not, know what is the cost and when to get it done.

If a blood clot occurs in the heart, there is a risk of heart attack or heart failure. In such a situation, you should know the symptoms of blood clot in the heart. Along with this, there should also be information about which test should be done to identify blood clot in the heart. Let us know about this from the doctors.

Pharma company AstraZeneca has admitted in the UK court that its vaccine may cause side effects in some cases. There is a risk of TTS problem due to the vaccine. Due to TTS, blood clots can form in the body. After this confession of the company, there is fear among the people, although experts say that the vaccine does not cause side effects to every person. This can happen only in a few cases. Mild side effects may occur in one or two people out of lakhs. The side effects of the vaccine also disappear with time.

Still, there is fear among people that the vaccine may cause harm. There is especially concern about heart health. In such a situation, it is important for you to know that if there is a blood clot in the heart, what are its symptoms and by which test it can be detected. To know about this we have talked to experts.

blood clot in heart

Experts say that due to wrong eating habits, increase in cholesterol, excessive smoking and the effect of Covid virus, the problem of blood clot in the heart can occur. Due to blood clot, the heart is not able to function properly and there is a risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest. Most people are not aware of its symptoms. Due to this, a sudden heart attack occurs and in some cases the patient dies. In such a situation, first it is important for you to know what are the symptoms of blood clot in the heart.

symptoms of blood clots

Pain in chest

sudden sweating


trouble speaking

vomiting and diarrhea

This test is the best

Dr. Sameer Gupta, cardiologist at Metro Hospital, says that if a clot has formed in the heart, then angiography is the best test to identify it. With the help of this test, information about blood clot is easily available. In angiography, the heart is seen through X-ray.

In this X-ray, a catheter is placed in the patient's leg or arm and a dye is injected through it. This test tells how the blood circulation is happening in the heart. If there is any obstruction somewhere in the circulation then it is a sign that there is a blood clot or some kind of blockage. If blockage is found then treatment is done accordingly.

what is the price

Angiography is done free of cost in government hospitals. In private hospitals its cost ranges from Rs 8 thousand to Rs 10 thousand. This expenditure may be more or less than this. It depends on what kind of facilities the hospital is providing. Dr. Gupta says that if you have severe pain in the heart and difficulty in breathing, then you should definitely get this test done.

How is the treatment done?

Thrombolytic medicines are given to eliminate blood clots. If the clot does not dissolve with medicines then surgery is done. The clot is removed through surgery. Many types of tests are done before surgery. If the patient fits in these, then treatment is done by angioplasty.

how to protect

exercise daily

Get yourself checked from time to time

stay stress free

Do not smoke and consume alcohol

eat healthy food

Keep your weight under control.

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