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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Why does the pitcher of water stop cooling after some time, what is the science behind it

Even today in the summer season, a pot or pot made of clay is seen in many homes. 
The tradition of keeping water in a pot in India is very old. Even after the arrival of many types of water purifiers and containers, people keep earthen pots in their homes till date. It has many benefits and is also considered good for health. But you must have noticed that after some time the pitcher kept in your kitchen is not able to keep the water as cold as it used to. Let us know why.

how does water cool

There are thousands of microscopic holes on the surface of the earthen pot. The water released from these holes keeps on transpiration and the surface on which transpiration takes place cools down. When we fill the pitcher completely with water, then the water particles come out from these holes. Evaporation occurs on the surface of the pitcher or jug ​​by the outside air and heat.

Some of the water's heat is spent in evaporation and the water particles take energy from the water to become steam. In this way the water is kept cool. This is exactly the same as the level of water kept in an open vessel decreases after a short time. When evaporation occurs, water needs energy so that it can change from water to vapor. This energy is taken from water.

Why does the water not cool down after some time?

There are many types of elements present in water which do not become steam during evaporation. That is, the process due to which the process of evaporation does not happen or is reduced. That is, the science due to which the water was cooling, the same process stops. Because of this, the capacity of the pitcher decreases and it is not able to cool the water. Soil has the ability to fight many types of diseases. Not only this, many beneficial minerals present in it also help in getting rid of toxic elements from the body.

There are many benefits of pot

Often when it is hot, many times you drink cold water kept in the fridge. It has a bad effect on your throat and body. The temperature of the cells of the throat suddenly drops and due to this many problems occur. There is swelling in the glands of the throat. Whereas if you drink water from the pitcher, then it does not have any wrong effect.

The vitamins and minerals present in the water kept in the pitcher help in maintaining the glucose level of the body. They work to provide coolness to the body. If you drink pitcher water regularly, then the person's immune system gets stronger. Whereas by keeping water in a plastic bottle, impurities collect in it.

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