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Monday, November 6, 2023

Fed up with her husband's behavior, the woman married three men! The whole story is like a movie

A matter related to marriage is much discussed in China. Here, an already married woman lured three men with her beauty and married them, but when her real secret was revealed, everyone was stunned.

After marriage, it is the biggest responsibility of a husband to take care of his spouse i.e. wife. However, some people are not able to fulfill this responsibility properly due to the rush of office and work, that is, they are not able to give time to their wife. A case related to this is much discussed in China these days. Fed up with her husband's lack of time, a woman married three men each, but this matter is actually not as simple as it seems. In fact, after marriage, one such secret of the woman came out in the open, which directly landed her in jail.

The matter is such that the woman has been accused of fraud, because despite being already legally married, she has defrauded three men of about 92 thousand dollars i.e. about 76 lakh rupees by conducting fake marriages on different occasions. According to the report of the website Oddity Central, the woman's name is Zhou and she is 35 years old. This fraud woman was already married and raising a daughter when she started dating other men for the purpose of deceiving them.

Husband did not get time from work

However, it is not yet clear why the woman had married different men and was robbing them, because according to Chinese media, her husband had his own business and the financial condition of the family was also quite good. She was good, but it is clear that her husband was always busy with work and did not pay much attention to her.

The story had become like a film.

According to reports, the woman had started looking for men a few years ago. Since she was beautiful, she took advantage of her beauty and trapped three men. The surprising thing is that she dated all three at the same time, but no one suspected her true intentions, nor did the woman's real husband know anything about her. Later, in a filmy style, she married all three men at different times and also hired some people to show her fake family.

This is how the fake husband caught the lie

Although they say that a lie cannot be hidden for long, so something similar happened with the woman. Her lie was finally caught by one of her fake husbands, a man named Zhang. When he came to know about the real exploits of the woman, he was shocked. Then what, he immediately called the police, after which the whole matter turned into milk and water. Now it is being told that the woman will have to serve at least 10 years of jail sentence on charges of fraud, because the investigation revealed that she had defrauded her three fake husbands of lakhs of rupees. At the same time, after knowing the whole matter, the woman's real husband has also divorced her.

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