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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Navratri 2023: Why is Kalash kept while worshiping Shakti, know its installation method and rules

During Navratri, there is a tradition of first establishing the Kalash for worshiping, fasting and doing sadhana of Goddess Durga. What is the religious significance of Kalash puja in Goddess worship and all auspicious activities and what are the rules related to it, by doing which a person gets happiness, good fortune and health.

In Hindu religion, Navratri, which falls on Shuklapaksha of Ashwin month, is considered to be of great importance. According to Hindu belief, the devotee who worships Goddess Durga with full devotion and faith during the 09 days of Shardiya Navratri, Bhagwati removes all his troubles in the blink of an eye and grants him the desired boon. This Sadhana of Shakti starts from the Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month, when the seeker takes a pledge to worship the Mother Goddess and fast for 9 days as per the rituals after establishing the Kalash. Let us know the importance and rules of Kalash Puja performed in Devi Puja and other auspicious programs.

Religious importance of Kalash

The Kalash used in Goddess worship and all auspicious works is considered a symbol of the universe. There is a mythological belief about Kalash or Kumbh that the Kalash used in Goddess worship is similar to the nectar Kalash released during the churning of the ocean, which contains the positive energy of the entire universe. It is believed that 09 planets, 27 constellations and 33 crore deities and all the pilgrimage places reside in the puja kalash. Keeping in view the sanctity and divinity of the Kalash, there is a tradition of establishing the Kalash during any auspicious event in Hindu religion.

When and where to establish Kalash during Navratri?

According to the Panchang, this year the Kalash can be established at the beginning of Devi Puja in Shardiya Navratri on Sunday, October 15, 2023, between 07:30 am to 12:08 pm. If you also want to install the Kalash in your house for Goddess worship, then select the auspicious time and install it in the north-east corner of your house under the guidance of a qualified ritualist Pandit.

Simple method of establishing Kalash

To practice Shakti, first of all become pure in body and mind on the day of Navratri. After this, at the place where the Goddess is to be worshiped daily, spread a red cloth on a post, sow barley in raw soil in an earthen bowl and then place a copper or earthen pot over it. Before keeping the Kalash, put a coin, clove and Ganga water in it and after sticking soil around it, sow barley in it too. During the worship of Navratri, always keep the Kalash on the right side of Goddess Durga and while worshiping every day, water it with appropriate amount of water and after completing the rituals on the ninth day, bury it at a holy place or let it flow in a river. Give.

Important rules related to Kalash Puja

If you are setting up a Kalash in your home for Goddess worship, then keep that place of worship completely pure and do not go there without becoming pure in body and mind. Water the barley sown in the pot from time to time so that it does not dry up. Always use clay, copper, gold or silver kalash for Goddess worship. Never use iron or steel kalash for Navratri puja.

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