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Thursday, October 12, 2023

How to operate the phone without using hands, this small setting will make the work easy

Mobile Tips: If you also want to make calls or operate your phone completely without touching it, then this information is for you. If you make this setting in your phone, then your phone will follow all your commands.

Many times we find it difficult to use the phone while doing other work. For example, while cooking, it becomes difficult to touch the phone again and again to call someone or change the song. In such a situation, the voice assistant available in the phone comes in handy. Well, voice assistant is getting better and better every year. Today Google Assistant is working as a great voice assistant with Amazon Alexa. Here we will tell you how you can enable Google Assistant in your phone and how you can operate the phone without using your hands.

How to enable Google Assistant feature

Google Assistant can be opened with the power button, for this you do not have to do anything, just follow these steps in your phone.

You can run this feature by directly long pressing the power button in your Android phone.

Now wait for Google Assistant to show up at the bottom of the display.

Now request Google Assistant here

Now Google will fulfill your request.

The work will be done by saying “Hey Google”

If you want to make a call without touching the phone, just say 'Hey Google' on your Android phone.

After this, Google Assistant will be shown on the screen.

Request Google Assistant here.

If this does not work then open the Google app in the phone. Here click on the right side of your profile and open settings. Now click on Google Assistant tap here. After this, click on Hey Google and Voice Match tab and make sure that your Hey Google is enabled.

Will work in these devices

Some hardware and software specifications are required to run Google Assistant on Android phones. Phones with Android 5 or later and at least 1GB of RAM can use Google Assistant. Android 6 or later versions with at least 1.5GB RAM can also use Google Assistant, however, this feature is available in all phones coming in 2023.

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