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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Israeli bombing on Lebanon border also, a reporter doing coverage died

Israel Palestine Conflict 2023: In the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Hezbollah is also fighting on behalf of Hamas. One journalist was killed and six others were injured in shelling by Israel and Hezbollah in areas bordering Lebanon.

One journalist was killed while covering the war between Israel and Hamas on the Lebanese border, while six others were injured. All the journalists were covering the war in the areas adjacent to the southern Lebanon border. Everyone was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Qatar's Al-Jazeera TV said that two of our employees, Eli Brakhya and reporter Carmen Joukhdar, were injured.

There was a fierce exchange of fire between Israeli soldiers and the Lebanese extremist organization Hezbollah on the Lebanon-Israel border last Friday. According to reports, a Reuters journalist died in this firing. According to media reports, Reuters issued a statement saying that its videographer Issam Abdullah was killed in Israeli shelling on the Lebanon border.

War continues from October 7

Two journalists, Tayer Al Sudani and Mehr Najah have been injured. Reuters said that we are gathering more information in this regard. Besides, every possible help is being provided to the deceased journalists and injured employees. On October 7, Israel was attacked by Hamas with 5000 rockets, due to which Israel declared war.

Many hideouts of Hamas destroyed

The war continues between the two. Gaza, the stronghold of Hamas, is being continuously bombed by Israel. Many positions of Hamas have been destroyed. At the same time, electricity and water supply to Gaza has also been disrupted by Israel. In this war, Hezbollah is also continuously attacking Israel on behalf of Hamas.

Like Hamas, Hezbollah is also an extremist organization, which has been active in Lebanon for the last several years. Israel alleges that these organizations are being continuously helped by Iran. Many powerful countries like America are standing with Israel in this fight.

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