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Saturday, October 14, 2023

If you vomit after drinking alcohol, you will be fined Rs 4,000, this restaurant made a strange rule

There is a restaurant in California, America, which has made a unique rule regarding people who drink alcohol and spread filth. The restaurant says that if someone vomits inside the restaurant after drinking alcohol, he will be fined heavily.

There are many people who drink alcohol in the world. Even though some people claim that alcohol is beneficial for health, doctors actually say that it gives rise to dangerous diseases. According to doctors, drinking too much alcohol poses a risk ranging from liver disease to heart disease, stroke and cancer. Despite this, it does not make any difference to the drinkers. Drinkers go anywhere and drink, sometimes at home or in a bar or restaurant, but just imagine what would happen if people are fined for vomiting after drinking?

It often happens that some people start vomiting after drinking. Actually, they cannot digest much alcohol, but for such people, a restaurant in California, America has made a unique rule. The restaurant says that if anyone vomits inside the restaurant after drinking, he will be fined 50 dollars i.e. about 4 thousand rupees. The restaurant has appealed to people to drink as much alcohol as they can digest and not to vomit.

'No' dirt in the restaurant

According to the report of CBS News, the restaurant has given strict instructions that if any customer litters in the restaurant premises, vomits after drinking alcohol, then he will be fined. The restaurant owner told that earlier people used to come to the restaurant and start spreading filth, due to which the employees had to face a lot of problems. Their condition used to get worse while cleaning, but ever since this fine rule has been made, people are not even thinking of spreading filth inside the restaurant.

People started doing these things to avoid fines

According to reports, the restaurant has put up a note which reads 'Please drink responsibly'. The owner of the restaurant told that now when anyone starts vomiting after drinking, he runs out of the restaurant so that he does not have to pay the fine.

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