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Saturday, October 14, 2023

70 Palestinians killed in one stroke, Israeli army entered Gaza with tanks, attacks from Lebanon also - big updates

Israeli strike on Gaza has caused destruction and outcry everywhere. Following the order to evacuate half the population, the Israeli army has entered the Gaza Strip. In the latest attacks, Israel targeted the migrating people and killed 70 people in one fell swoop. Read big updates

The war between Israel and Hamas has devastated Gaza. There is devastation everywhere. There is shouting and screaming. The exodus of millions of people has started from Gaza. Many international organizations including the United Nations condemned the Israeli decree. The Israeli army also started ground operations. Meanwhile, the army carried out an air strike on Palestinians who were fleeing due to fear of Israeli attack, in which 70 people were killed.

Journalists also came under the influence of air strike, in which one journalist died. Some countries have officially raised their voice against Israel. Qatar warned Israel to stop attacks on Gaza as soon as possible. At the same time, Russia has blamed Israel for the Hamas attack. Even in Iran and Saudi Arabia, the situation in Palestine was discussed after years. It is believed that the Gulf countries are planning to stop Israel. Meanwhile, demonstrations are being held in support of Palestine from the Middle East to Asia, Europe and America. Read big updates…

Yesterday, the Israeli army issued an order to the 11 lakh population living in the northern part of Gaza and ordered them to evacuate the entire area within 24 hours. Meanwhile, thousands of people are evacuating their homes to save their lives. Israel carried out an air strike on them on the way, in which 70 people died.

So far, 1530 people have been killed in Gaza in Israel's air strike, while more than 6500 people are injured. In Israel, more than 1400 people have been killed and thousands are injured.

The United Nations has expressed displeasure over the Israeli order to evacuate millions of people in Gaza. UN Chief Antonio Guterres appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reconsider his decision. Without taking names, he appealed to America to calm the situation and said that it is necessary that people with influence should prevent the latest violence from spreading to other areas.

The Israeli army has started a ground attack after the order to evacuate Gaza. The Israeli military has claimed to have infiltrated as well as recovered the bodies of the hostages. Here the army has recovered religious objects, documents and some Israeli intelligence documents along with the plan and program of the attack.

Amidst the war with Hamas, the Israeli army has also carried out strikes in Lebanon. A Reuters video journalist was killed in a strike in southern Lebanon. Six other journalists were also injured. They were on the Israeli border, where fighting has started between the Israeli army and the Lebanese armed organization Hezbollah. Israel has denied the news in which it was being claimed that apart from Hezbollah, the Lebanese army has also started the attack.

After Israel's air-land strike on Gaza, people all over the world are on the streets in support of Palestine. Rallies have been taken out in the Middle East and parts of Asia, Europe and America. People waved Palestinian flags in support in Rome, Denmark, Berlin, Baghdad and Iran. Germany and France have banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

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