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Saturday, October 14, 2023

The Israeli army was shocked to see what it found as soon as it entered Gaza, a horrifying scene.

Israeli forces have entered the Gaza Strip with tanks and armored vehicles. Here they have recovered some dead bodies. Apart from these, the army has got hold of the entire planning of Hamas. Intelligence inputs and high level planning documents of Israeli settlements have been recovered. Due to this, even the Israeli army itself has become confused.

Israeli army infiltrated Gaza Strip with tanks. This is a small-scale operation before a possible larger ground operation. The Israeli army was stunned to see the sight as soon as it entered the border area of ​​Gaza. Here they found some dead bodies. The hostages' belongings have been found. It is believed that Hamas fighters were keeping some Israeli and foreign contacts here. Before this land operation, 13 hostages were claimed to have been killed in an Israeli air strike. The army has launched the operation with a group of armored vehicles and soldiers.

Gaza's armed organization Hamas had attacked Israel on October 7 and taken more or less 150 people hostage. The army has not said how many bodies have been found and whether the bodies of hostages are also included, but said that some items belonging to them have been recovered. Hamas attacked Israel from land, air and sea. As soon as they entered Israel's border, the fighters targeted the dance party and killed 250 people in one fell swoop. So far more than 1300 people have died in Israel. More than 1500 people have been killed in Gaza in Israeli air strikes.

Israel had given 24 hours ultimatum

The Israeli army had given a 24-hour ultimatum yesterday and issued an order to evacuate the northern part of Gaza. Meanwhile, thousands of people have started migrating towards southern Gaza, where the army is also bombing them. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to destroy Hamas and has sent troops into the Gaza Strip. The army, which arrived with armored vehicles and tanks, found many dead bodies here, which could not be identified properly.

Missing hostages' belongings recovered

According to some Israeli media, the bodies are of Hamas fighters and some belongings of the missing hostages have been found. They found items such as the flag of the Islamic State jihadist group on the jacket of a fighter killed during an attack on Kibbutz Sufa near the Gaza border. The army has also recovered religious documents and pamphlets along with the plan and program of the attack, and intelligence inputs and planning documents such as details of Israeli settlements.

The Israeli army was stunned to see the sight

A document found in southern Israel allegedly reads, “Break the security fencing, attack the kibbutz.” “Take people hostage and wait for further orders.” The instructions reportedly given to Hamas fighters also said, “Bring the hostages to the Gaza Strip.” “Enter the Nei Akiva youth center in the kibbutz, search the school, take hostages, kill as many people as you can,” one alleged top secret document said.

Seeing this level of planning by Hamas, even the Israeli Army is confused. An Israel Defense Forces official told The Israel Times that he had “never seen this kind of planning.” He said, “The level of planning done by Hamas would give any intelligence a headache.”

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