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Friday, September 8, 2023

MBA pass man started Kadaknath chicken business in his village, is earning lakhs like this

MBA pass man Kumar Gautam says that currently he is selling Kadaknath chicken for Rs 800 per kg in his village. Whereas, it is being sold at Rs.1000 per kg in Gaya city. According to him, its price varies according to the place.

Most of the people feel that there is not much earning in businesses like poultry and fish farming. But this is not the case. Now educated youth are also trying their hand in poultry and fish farming business. Due to this, the earning of those youth has also increased. They are now living a happier life than before. But today we will talk about a person who, after passing MBA, started poultry farming instead of working in a good company. Today MBA pass person is earning well from this business.

Actually, the MBA pass person we are talking about is a resident of Paraiya Bazar located in Gaya district of Bihar. His name is Kumar Gautam. Kumar Gautam has completed his MBA from Banaras Hindu University. After this he started teaching in a government school. Presently he is a teacher in Mahmadpur Middle School located in Mahmadpur village. Along with teaching children, he is also doing business of Kadaknath chicken and quail. He has started rearing Kadaknath cock and quail at his home. The special thing is that they themselves give food and water to the chicken and quail. For this, he has not hired any separate laborer.

Started rearing Kadaknath chicken

Kumar Gautam says that earlier he had no information about Kadaknath chicken. They didn't know that its meat is sold so expensive. But, when the Kadaknath chicken got the GI tag, it came into limelight. Because of this, its demand started increasing in the market. In such a situation, he started rearing Kadaknath chicken.

Kadaknath chicken is ready in 35 to 40 days

In metropolitan cities like Delhi-Mumbai, Kadaknath chicken meat is sold for Rs 1800 per kg. Gautan told that for poultry farming he had ordered the chicks of Kadaknath chicken from Madhya Pradesh. Then a chick came for 55 rupees. The special thing is that Kadaknath chicken is ready in 35 to 40 days.

making good money from poultry farming

Apart from Kadaknath chicken, he is also rearing quail. Along with quail eggs, they are also selling quail meat. Quail's chick also gets ready in 40 to 45 days. After that they sell it. Now Kumar Gautam is earning well by rearing Kadaknath cock and quail. They are earning lakhs of rupees in a year. In the coming days, they are planning to expand this business further.

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