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Friday, September 8, 2023

G20: If the economy gains momentum then these stocks will run, check the list before investing money

The global meeting of G20 in India is likely to boost the Indian economy and stock market. Due to this, there can be a lot of growth in 4 sectors of the country. These sectors are manufacturing, defence, green energy and infrastructure. Let us know how you can earn from them.

India is hosting the G20 this time. Big guests from country and abroad are coming to India to participate in this global meeting. Where many big issues ranging from economy will be discussed. In such a situation, it is impossible not to pay attention to the 3D of India's development story i.e. Demography, Digitalization and Domestic Consumption. Also, the Indian economy can get a big boost from this meeting. Also, there are some stocks in the stock market which can run away at the speed of a rocket. So if you also want to earn good profits by putting money at stake in the stock market, then this can be a great opportunity for you. Let us know which stocks can gain momentum during G20.

Shares of these four sectors will rise

Dr. VK Vijayakumar of Geojit Financial Services says that India has many profitable sectors whose shares can run at the speed of rocket after the G20 meeting. Among these, banking, IT and pharmaceuticals are already performing well and have attracted investment. At the same time, one such sector that has attracted significant attention recently is India's digital ecosystem and its unprecedented success. India's digital ecosystem is now being appreciated abroad. With India coming to the center of G20, these 4 sectors may gain momentum.

Manufacturing- The PLI scheme launched by the government at the time of Corona has greatly improved the sentiment regarding large scale manufacturing in India. It has also helped in strengthening India's growth story. From electronics to automobiles, investors have shown confidence in this sector.

Defence- India's defense spending has been growing at a CAGR of 9% in the last decade and analysts believe that it may grow with the nominal GDP growth rate in future. Swapnil Shah of Stoxbox says that with the government's favorable policy and import restrictions for 411 devices, a major part of the indigenization benefit is yet to reflect in the revenue of domestic companies. Because after receiving the orders, execution takes time. With strong R&D, development of large indigenous platforms and favorable policies, we expect imports to decline sharply and share of exports to increase with the support of favorable policies.

Infrastructure - The central government's budget totals capital expenditure at Rs 10 trillion, up 37% from FY2023 due to large investments in roads and railways. HSBC said, 'We feel that India is on the verge of capex cycle. With the fall in real interest rates, gross fixed capital formation may once again pick up pace like in previous cycles. He said that the quality of expenditure is likely to increase, in which the focus will be on capital expenditure instead of revenue expenditure.

Green Energy- Many Indian companies like Reliance Industries have started investing in green energy. The advantage of this will be that other countries will come forward to partner with India to create a sustainable environment. "Discussions among members in the G20 will revolve around building renewable energy and mutually beneficial trade policies that can benefit renewable energy and manufacturing companies," said Shriram Ramdas, vice president of Green Portfolio PMS.

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