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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

In 85 years, Haldiram's became a part of the kitchen of every household, know this interesting story

At present the market cap of Haldiram is Rs 24 thousand crores. The company did not limit itself to making just Bhujia. From time to time many types of snacks were launched which became quite popular. Now many brands have come into the market to compete with Haldiram.

Whenever it comes to namkeen, first of all only one brand name emerges in everyone's mind and its name is Haldiram. Haldiram has made not only Indians but also foreigners crazy about its taste. This is the reason why NRIs as well as foreigners coming to India do not forget to take Haldiram's Namkeen with them. After all, what is the secret that has kept it the market leader for 85 years?

Recently news came that Tata Group can buy 51 percent stake in Haldiram. However, later this news was denied. If this deal were to be confirmed, then the company offering its taste on the tongue of the Indian would have become a part of the Tata Group's business. Still the history of this company is very interesting…

This became the main source of income for the Bhujia family.

Although the foundation of Haldiram was laid in 1937, 10 years before independence, Bhikharam Agarwal of Bikaner had started the business of Bhujia much earlier. Bhikharam Agarwal used to work in Bhujia market. His daughter used to make Bhujia by herself at home, the taste of which was very good. It is said that the taste of Bhujia made by Bhikharam Agarwal's daughter was much better than the Bhujia available in the market. In such a situation, Bhikharam Agarwal started selling Bhujiya made by his daughter's hand in the market, which became famous in no time. Gradually it became the main source of income for the Bhujia family.

People knew Gangabishan Agarwal by the name of Haldiram

Later Bhikharam's grandson Gangabishan Agarwal came into Bhujia's business. People knew Gangabishan Agarwal by the name of Haldiram. He started making snacks for breakfast in a small shop. He used moth dal instead of gram flour to make Bhujia. Then started selling Bhujia after preparing it. It is said that his business started running as soon as he saw it.

Foundation of Haldiram Company was laid

After this, he named Bhujia as Dungar Sev after Maharaja Dungar Singh of Bikaner to make Bhujia a brand. As soon as the name of Maharaja Dungar Singh was added, Bhujia became famous in the whole district. Then the price of Bhujia was kept at 5 paise per kg. It is said that then slowly people started calling it Haldiram's Bhujia in Bikaner. In such a situation, Gangabishan Agarwal officially named it Bhujia as Haldiram. It was from here that the foundation of Haldiram Company was laid.

Expanded business scope in Nagpur as well

Then, in the year 1955, Gangabishan Agarwal decided to start the business of Bhujia in Kolkata also. Here he started a company in the name of Haldiram Bhujiawala. Within no time, this company became a brand in Kolkata. During this time, Haldiram's elder son Satyanarayan separated from his father and brother and started a separate company named Haldiram & Sons. At the same time, Haldiram's grandsons expanded the scope of business in Nagpur.

Haldiram's opened its first store in Delhi in the year 1982.

In the year 1982, Haldiram's opened its first store in Delhi. Here too, Haldiram's magic worked and within no time many more Haldiram's stores opened in Delhi.

America bans import of Haldiram's products

Then, gradually Haldiram started exporting its products outside India as well. Today Haldiram's products are sold in many countries of the world. In the year 2015, America banned the import of Haldiram's products. It was alleged that there is pesticide content in their products. But despite this, Haldiram's business continued to grow. In today's date, 80 crore kg of butter, 3.8 billion liters of milk, 62 lakh kg of potatoes and 60 lakh kg of ghee are consumed in a year for making food items in Haldiram. Now many brands like Bikaji, Bikano, Bikanerwala have come in the market to compete with Haldiram.

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