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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

This branch of SBI refused to exchange torn Rs 500 note, then see what happened..

According to the Reserve Bank of India, any customer can exchange mutilated old notes in any bank branch. The bank can never refuse to exchange your mutilated old note. The bank will return the money to you according to the portion of the torn note that you have.

A customer of State Bank of India in Bihar's Darbhanga district posted a strange post on social media today. With this post, the State Bank officials swung into action and asked their customer to lodge a complaint on the SBI portal. In fact, the young man had complained on social media that the SBI Bank branch in Darbhanga refused to replace the mutilated Rs 500 note. In such a situation, the customer tagged SBI and RBI with the photo of the torn note and asked whether his Rs 500 note is valid or not.

Tagging RBI and State Bank on X platform (formerly Twitter), the customer wrote that I have a torn note of Rs 500, which the State Bank branch refused to exchange. They are just arguing with me. So you tell me what should I do now? At the same time, SBI has also replied to the customer on X handle. He has asked to file a complaint on the SBI portal.

State Bank said this

Also SBI has written that we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please refer to this link Personal Segment/Individual Customer//General Banking>>Cash Related>>No exchange of soiled/mutilated notes and brief mention File a complaint at. The bank said that after this, on successful registration of the complaint, you will receive a complaint number. on your registered mobile number/email ID and the complaint will be resolved within the TAT mentioned therein.

You can exchange notes at any bank

According to RBI, no bank can refuse to exchange mutilated old notes. Only the note should be genuine. The special thing is that the bank cannot charge the customer for exchanging notes. For this it is not necessary for you to be a customer of the bank. You can exchange notes by going to any bank.

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