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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Isha Ambani will take Alia Bhatt's business to the moon, Reliance buys 51% shares

Bollywood's 'Queen' i.e. Alia Bhatt started a business in 2020, but now the responsibility of taking her business to the moon has been taken up by Isha Ambani, the head of Reliance Retail. Reliance has formed a joint venture by purchasing 51 percent stake in Alia's company.

Alia Bhatt, who won everyone's heart by becoming 'Raazi' in Bollywood, is currently enjoying being a 'new mommy'. Along with Bollywood career, Alia also started a clothing brand in 2020, in which Reliance Retail Ventures has now bought a 51 percent stake. With this, both the companies together have created a joint venture which will provide new heights to this clothing brand.

Aaliya's clothing brand 'Ed-A-Mamma' manufactures clothing for pregnant women and babies from 2 to 12 years of age. Now Reliance Retail, led by Isha Ambani, has formed a joint venture with Alia Bhatt's company by buying 51 percent stake in this company. This joint venture will benefit from the retail network of 'Add-a-Mamma' brand Reliance, while a celebrity brand will also be included in Reliance Retail's account.

Isha and Alia both are 'new mommies'

Regarding this joint venture, Isha Ambani, director of Reliance Retail, says that there is hardly a difference of two weeks between Alia's daughter and her twin children. In such a situation, the kind of problems Alia had to face during pregnancy, she has had the same experience. Add-e-Mamma is special for them because it understands the meaning of maternity dressing and children's dressing. Therefore this partnership is very close to his heart.

With this, it fulfills the vision of Reliance Brands. The focus of the Add-e-Mamma brand is to create eco-friendly products and at Reliance, we always look forward to brands that are working towards a cause.

Ad-e-Mamma will get the benefit of Reliance Network

Regarding this joint venture, Alia Bhatt says that Isha and I had a lot of conversation about what are the needs of today's 'new moms'. We are doing the same from a long time under our own brand. Now by joining with Reliance, 'Add-a-Mamma' will get a lot of strength from supply chain to marketing and retailing.

The Add-A-Mamma brand focuses on making clothes from natural fabrics. Along with this, this brand follows many eco-friendly practices like not using plastic buttons, making hair bands from leftover waste clothes etc.

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