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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The power of UPI will also be seen in G20 Summit, Rs 1000 will come in the wallet of the guests.

UPI has revolutionized the world of digital payments in India. Now that the meeting of G20 countries is being held in India, he does not want to miss the opportunity to make it global. Therefore, the government will give up to Rs 1,000 in wallet to the members of the delegation coming to India for G20 to use UPI. Read this full news...

Not only leaders and officials of big countries are coming to India for G20. Rather, the delegation and many other people are also reaching Delhi along with them. Now when these people go to roam around in Delhi, they will be able to make payments through UPI easily. Just like common Indians use this digital payment solution for every small and big shopping. For this, they will be given up to Rs 1,000 in UPI wallet by the government.

In fact, UPI has transformed cashless transactions in the country very rapidly. In the month of August, more than 10 billion transactions took place within the country through UPI. Now the Government of India wants to make this digital payment solution a global tool. Therefore, it wants to fully capitalize on the opportunity of G20. Therefore, about 1,000 foreign guests will get a chance to have first hand experience of UPI.

Money will be deposited in UPI wallet

According to a senior government official, the government will give an initial balance of Rs 500 to Rs 1000 in their wallets to foreign delegates and participants to experience UPI. All these people will be able to make UPI payments at different places from their phones. The government has set aside a budget of Rs 10 lakh for this initiative to promote UPI.

India has developed UPI by itself. In the case of retail payment, it has created many records. Now India wants that other countries of the world can also be a part of this fintech solution.

UPI is becoming popular in many countries

After being successful in India, now UPI is reaching abroad also. Sri Lanka, France, United Arab Emirates and Singapore have tied up with India for the use of UPI. All these countries are eager to use this cheap, accessible and easy payment tool. On the other hand, in the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Finance has given permission to tourists visiting India from abroad to make UPI payments. He can make UPI payments during his travels in India.

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