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Monday, September 11, 2023

If you are happy with your rapidly decreasing weight then be careful, it is a sign of many dangerous diseases.

If you are suddenly losing weight rapidly, then instead of being happy, you should be cautious, because it can indicate many diseases. Instead of ignoring the decreasing weight, one should be alert.

Weight Loss Side Effects:  Amidst the rapidly changing lifestyle and busy life, complaint of obesity is becoming very common among people. In such a situation, to lose weight, people sweat for hours in the gym and do many types of exercises. While on one hand people are seen losing weight with hard work, on the other hand, some people lose weight rapidly without doing anything. But this is nothing to be happy about, because rapid weight loss indicates dangerous diseases. Let us know why weight loss is dangerous, what diseases it causes...

1. Hyperthyroidism

A sudden rapid loss of body weight may mean that the person has become a victim of hyperthyroidism. In this disease, our thyroid gland becomes excessively active and the body weight starts decreasing rapidly. Thyroid gland produces thyroxine hormone, which controls the metabolism of our body. When this hormone starts leaking in large quantities from our thyroid gland, then due to this the body weight starts declining rapidly.

2. Diabetes

Due to diabetes, the patient's body weight suddenly starts decreasing. Especially, this symptom has been seen in type 2 diabetes patients. Apart from weight loss due to diabetes, problems like weakness in the body, tingling in hands and feet or frequent urination are also seen.

3. Depression

Due to depression, a person's weight starts decreasing suddenly. In fact, when there is a problem of depression, the patient's hunger and thirst are affected. In such a situation, the patient loses his hunger and thirst and there is a rapid decline in his weight.

4. Heart disease

It is often seen in many cases that

Due to heart disease, weight also starts decreasing rapidly. Sudden loss of someone's body weight can indicate some heart disease. In such cases, it is better to contact a doctor as soon as possible.

5. Cancer

Complaints of sudden weight loss are also seen in people due to cancer. In liver cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer or ovarian cancer, the patient's body weight starts decreasing rapidly. Due to this, the immunity of the patient's body also becomes weak.

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