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Monday, September 18, 2023

Cheapest CCTV Camera: Entry of thieves and dacoits will be banned, these CCTV cameras will keep an eye

CCTV Camera: If you also want the safety of your home and are looking for a cheap CCTV camera for your home, then this information will fulfill your search. After installing these low cost CCTV cameras, the risk of theft and robbery in the house will be reduced, these CCTV cameras will keep an eye on everything.

In today's times, people are afraid to leave their house alone because some thief or dacoit might enter from behind. Lest all the hard-earned money go waste. Now it is obvious that one cannot keep someone to monitor the house all the time. If you hire a security guard then it will be difficult to withdraw his monthly salary. In such a situation, it is important that you install a CCTV camera in your house which keeps an eye on your house from behind you. Therefore, today we have brought for you a list of some such CCTV cameras which will come within your budget, for purchasing which you will not have to spend much money and will not have to arrange salary for the security guard.


This CCTV camera is adjustable, you can tilt it as per your wish and turn it in any direction. Zoom in zoom out feature is also provided in this camera. Although this camera costs Rs 5,295, you can buy it from the e-commerce platform with 30 percent discount for only Rs 3,699.


In this camera you are getting features like motion alert, night vision, Alexa and Google support, and the price of this camera will also fit in your budget. Although this CCTV camera costs Rs 3,700, you can buy it for Rs 1,628 with 56 percent discount.

TP-Link Tapo

Sound and light alarm, WiFi smart camera comes with Alexa feature. After installing this camera, you will be able to easily keep an eye on your home. At present you are getting this camera much cheaper than its MRP. This camera is available on Amazon for only Rs 2,299 with 30 percent discount.

MI Xiaomi Wireless Home Security Camera

The CCTV cameras of this phone and smart TV manufacturing company are also different. Along with cheap phones and TVs, it is also offering CCTV cameras to its customers at low prices. You are getting this camera on Amazon for just Rs 2,999 with 33 percent discount.

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