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Monday, September 18, 2023

Before buying iPhone 15, check your pocket, your mathematics may not get spoiled.

Apple has launched a new series of iPhones, Apple iPhone 15 Series. Many of you may have made complete plans to buy this, but can you really buy this phone? Let us know the full details...

Apple's new iPhone Series 15 has been launched. The craze of iPhone is such that everyone is planning to buy it. Pre-booking of iPhone 15 is currently going on in India and a growth of 25 percent has also been seen in it. But is it really worth buying the iPhone 15? Does your pocket testify to buying an iPhone? Let us know…

Apple has launched four models of iPhone 15. The price of its base model in India is going to be Rs 79,900. Whereas the price of iPhone 15 Plus will be between Rs 89,900, iPhone 15 Pro will be Rs 1,34,900 and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be between Rs 1,59,900 to Rs 1,99,900. But just as it is easy for Americans to buy the base model of iPhone 15 for just $799 (about Rs 66,390), is it going to be equally normal for us Indians too? Does our pocket allow this, understand this calculation..

4 months salary will be spent

Will buying Apple iPhone 15 be good for your financial health or not? If you want to understand this, then you should once understand this comparison of the minimum income of the people of India and the minimum income of the people of America. The monthly salary of most people in India is between Rs 18,000 to Rs 20,000. Whereas the average monthly income of a person in America is $ 6,000 (about Rs 4,98,540 according to the current exchange price). Now in such a situation, how right would it be to buy iPhone 15?

Now if an ordinary American buys iPhone 15, he will have to spend only 799 dollars i.e. his 4 days salary. On the other hand, if a common Indian earning Rs 20,000 a month buys iPhone 15, then about 4 months of his salary will be spent on it. Suppose the salary of an Indian is Rs 50,000 per month, still he will have to spend 1 month and 18 days of his salary to buy iPhone 15.

Bumper booking of Apple iPhone 15 in India

For how many salaried people is it right to buy iPhone?

Now we have understood how the decision to buy iPhone 15 will affect your personal finances. Now let us understand how much salary would it be right for a person to buy iPhone 15? Or how much should you spend on your smartphone? First of all, know that your smartphone is a depreciating asset. Like your car, its value also decreases every year.

Take any smartphone, generally it lasts for maximum 3 years or people get bored and change the phone within 3 years. In the case of iPhone, a trend of changing phones within two years has been seen. Now let's do some calculations again. You bought iPhone 15 for Rs 79,900 and used it for 3 years, which means its monthly cost to you was Rs 2,220. If instead you buy a phone in the range of up to Rs 30,000, then your expenses will come down to just Rs 834.

Finance experts say that any person should spend only 5 to 10 percent of his annual income on personal items i.e. gadgets every year. In such a situation, if your annual salary package is Rs 10 lakh or more, then you can think of buying iPhone 15. However, it also depends on your remaining expenses and priorities.

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