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Monday, September 18, 2023

Audio and video calls will be like this on X, new feature leaked

Twitter Video Call: Elon Musk recently announced the launch of calling feature for X (Twitter). This upcoming audio and video call feature has been leaked online. Let's see the leaked settings of the call feature of the microblogging platform.

Many new features and updates have emerged since Elon Musk purchased X (Twitter). Recently Musk had announced another interesting feature. He had given information about starting audio and video calls on Twitter. This feature has not been officially released. However, the details of this feature have been leaked. This indicates that you will soon be able to talk to each other on X. Let us see what details of the calling feature have been revealed.

The @xnews daily It was told from this account that the preview of Twitter's calling feature has been leaked. It is expected that Twitter 's calling feature can be found in 'Message Settings'. From here you will be able to control X audio-video calls.

Calling feature will be like this!

A user with the handle @swak_12 on the microblogging platform has shared the leak of the calling feature. He also showed that you can add contacts from your phone also. Musk had told that this feature will work on all devices i.e. iOS, Android, Mac and PC. You don't even need a phone number to make a call.

This way you will be able to control

It was told in the leaked post that along with the calling feature, there will be a toggle to start audio and video calls. People will be able to receive calls through these options. You can receive calls from people included in your contact list, whom you follow and verified users. You will be able to manage preferences related to calls. Apart from this, facility to control functions can be available through toggle.

Will calls remain encrypted?

At present, it is not clear whether the calling feature will be available only to X premium users or not. By going to calling settings, you can choose with whom you would like to talk on the call. Earlier, a Twitter user had asked Elon Musk whether the calls would be encrypted or not? On this, Musk replied that initially you will not get encryption, but this feature will be added later.

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