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Saturday, August 19, 2023

What is PM E-Bus Scheme? Due to which 50 thousand government jobs will come

The central government is going to implement the PM e-bus scheme. Under this scheme, electric buses will be operated in selected cities. Let us know what will be the benefits of this scheme.

How many electric buses have been approved by the Union Cabinet? In how many cities are these buses going to run? How much will be spent on these? What is the name given to this service. What are the standards set for the selected cities for these buses? About 50 thousand jobs are also likely to come from this scheme in the coming time. Such questions can be asked in any competitive exam. The reason for this is that such a big scheme is being prepared for the first time in the country. Let us know the answers to the questions related to these here.

The Narendra Modi government at the Center has approved this project. This project is going to run in PPP mode. Under this, there is a plan to run 10,000 electric buses in selected 169 cities of the country. With the intention of promoting urban public transport, the government has approved the PM e-bus service. The cost of this project is estimated to be around Rs 57613 crore. The central government will directly contribute Rs 20,000 crore in this. 169 cities with more than three lakh population have been selected for this scheme. In these, all the capitals of Union Territories, North-East and other hilly states and plains cities are also going to get its benefit.

50 thousand jobs will come

With this initiative, where people will get accessible transport, it will also help in keeping the environment clean. At the same time, there is a possibility of about 45 to 55 thousand jobs coming in this scheme. This will make the urban transport smooth and the air will also remain clean.

What is the responsibility of the state government in the scheme

State governments and urban bodies will be responsible for the operation of PM e-buses and payment to bus operators. The funds available from the Center will be spent on developing the necessary resources to facilitate bus operations. From this amount, arrangements have been made to provide subsidy etc. if needed.

The plan will be implemented in two phases

The plan has two phases. In the first phase, 10,000 e-buses will be made available in PPP model in 169 identified cities. The development of infrastructure to run these buses will also be a part of the first phase. Along with creating more and more charging points, the plan also includes the development of infrastructure necessary to maintain a green environment in urban areas.

In the second phase, infrastructure will be developed in 181 cities under the Green Urban Mobility Initiative, so that the operation of e-buses can be made easier in the next phase. The government has said that starting will help in operation for 10 years.

What will be the benefits of PM e-bus scheme?

The operation of these 10,000 e-buses will bring many benefits simultaneously. There will be a huge reduction in carbon emissions and noise and air pollution will be reduced relatively. At the same time, dependence on petrol and diesel will also reduce. It will help in achieving the goal of zero carbon emissions by the year 2070.

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