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Saturday, August 19, 2023

440MP current after listening to Samsung's plan, preparing to launch 320MP camera in the market!

Samsung 440 MP Camera Sensor:
Samsung company is known for powerful camera sensors. The current Galaxy S23 series comes with a powerful 200MP camera. However, now the company is preparing to take a big leap. Let's see how the company will change the world of phone cameras.

The whole world is crazy about Samsung's smartphone, but the discussions of the company's phone camera are also not less. The handset maker introduces the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200MP camera. This is the matter of 200MP camera, now the company is preparing to field even more powerful camera sensor. According to the reports, the South Korean company can launch 440MP and 320MP camera sensors. If this happens then there is a possibility of a big change in the world of camera sensors.

Recently a claim has been made on the social media platform X (Twitter). Famous tech leaker Revegnus posted that Samsung is working on making four amazing camera sensors. According to reports, the company is taking forward the development of upcoming innovative camera sensors.

Preparation of four camera sensors

In this lineup, 440MP HU1 camera, 320MP camera, 200MP HP7 camera with 0.7 micron pixels and 50MP ISOCELL GN6 camera equipped with 1.6 micron pixels can be offered.

440MP: In the coming time, Samsung can introduce such cameras, which will compete with DSLR. However, it is not clear whether the 440MP camera will be used in the smartphone or not. They can be used for better experience in automotive or industrial sector instead of phone.

320MP: The leaker said that a powerful sensor can be used in Samsung phones. In this, the company can use 320MP camera sensor, which can run on the support of MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset. In this way the company will grow itself beyond the 200MP camera.

200MP H7 camera: Like the 200MP HP2 camera of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the new camera can come in HP7 profile. Bigger pixels give better and better image quality. However, the cost of this camera will be high, so it will probably not be used in the phone.

50MP ISOCELL GN6 Camera: This camera can come in Samsung's one inch camera market, where Sony's IMX989 sensor is present. Chinese manufacturers can use this camera instead of Samsung.

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