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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Career Tip: How to become a fighter pilot after 12th? What should be the height of female officer?

In the last few years, women have shown great interest in joining the Air Force. At present, there are 17 women fighter pilots in the Air Force in the country. You can see the details of physical fitness for fighter pilot here.

Nowadays becoming a fighter pilot can be the dream of any youth. Ever since the daughters of the country involved in the Indian Airforce started flying the fighter, since then its charm has increased a lot. Many youths are taking admission here and there to become fighter pilots, which can make them pilots but not fighter pilots. Because fighter aircraft are basically with the Indian Air Force.

Army and Indian Navy also have such aircraft but they are not used in the same way as in Indian Airforce. Here you will get the basic information about becoming a fighter pilot, which will prevent you from going on any wrong path.

Who can become a fighter pilot?

You have passed 12th, age is between 16.5 to 19 years, then the first path to become a fighter pilot opens easily here, but the path ahead is difficult. By studying hard, proper guidance, with a fixed goal, you can reach the destination.

This is the way of NDA i.e. National Defense Academy. Union Public Service Commission conducts its examination twice a year. First you have to clear written exam, then SSB and medical exam. All these steps are important.

How important is math to become a pilot?

Colonel Rakesh Mishra (retired), who helps the youth in exams like NDA, says that Math is necessary to become a fighter pilot. One question paper of three hundred marks is only of Maths. Its passing mark is 75, but the effort to get maximum number to make a place in merit is helpful for any youth to reach closer to the goal.

The English paper of 300 marks and the rest of the subjects of 300 marks are combined and come in front of the youth. The basis of selection is merit only. This means that if you want to become a fighter pilot without maths then NDA is the best medium but knowledge of intermediate level maths is necessary, even if you have not studied maths formally in inter.

How many women pilots in the country?

At present there are about 18 thousand pilots in the country, out of which more than two and a half thousand are daughters. Keep in mind, these are normal pilots, not fighter pilots. About one and a half dozen daughters are in active role as fighter pilots in the Air Force. In the year 2022, the Ministry of Defense had decided to convert the experimental plan to include women fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force into a permanent plan.

The educational qualification for women pilot should be the same as issued by NDA and AFCAT. Talking about physical eligibility, the height of female candidates in AFCAT should be between 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet.

Exam in AFCAT and NDA

According to Colonel Mishra- Airforce Common Admission Test (AFCAT) opens the second door. This exam is also conducted twice a year at regular intervals. For this, it is necessary that you are a graduate in any discipline, have compulsorily studied Maths in 12th i.e. Inter and age is between 20 to 24 years, then you can appear in this exam conducted by the Indian Air Force.

Its process is also the same as that of the Union Public Service Commission. Means after passing the written exam, SSB and medical, you can join the Airforce. Be it NDA or AFCAT, after joining both the process, after training and passing certain stages, first you become a pilot and then gradually you move towards becoming a fighter pilot. This is part of the internal process of the Airforce.

The biggest advantage of moving on both these paths is that there is no financial burden on your family, rather the Air Force starts helping financially. Complete training is free. The trainers are strict but get the best.

Through Indira Gandhi National Flight Academy, you can give AFCAT even while doing UG course, but its fee is Rs 45 lakh. There are additional expenses as well. There is a provision of some scholarship but the number is very limited. It is possible that after doing UG from here you will get some relief in AFCAT during SSB but the rest of the process will have to be completed in any case.

Colonel Mishra says that instead of investing so much money, it is better to prepare after doing UG from any stream and try to ensure selection. Because UG should not be done from any flying academy to become a fighter pilot. Yes, excellent employment opportunities definitely await after completing pilot studies from here. If everything goes well, the job is almost guaranteed.

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