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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Thumb impression farmer surprised big businessmen, earned 80 lakhs in this way

Pomegranate grown by farmer Jetharam Kodecha is being supplied not only to Delhi, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Bengaluru and Mumbai but also to Bangladesh. With this, they are earning lakhs of rupees in a year.

Most of the people say that there is no profit in farming now. The income has become very less compared to the cost. Many a times, farmers suffer loss due to not getting proper rate. But if farming is done with the help of hard work and new technology, then this land starts spewing gold. You just have to have some patience for this. Today we will talk about a farmer from Rajasthan, who has convinced big businessmen from farming. They are earning lakhs of rupees only from farming.

Actually, we are talking about Jetharam Kodecha, a resident of Bhimda village in Barmer district. Earlier, he used to cultivate traditional crops, but he did not earn that much in this. After this he changed the method of farming and started gardening. He is doing pomegranate cultivation since 2016. This changed his fortunes. Pomegranate grown in his farm is being supplied to Maharashtra, Calcutta and Bangladesh.

Earning lakhs of rupees in a year

The special thing is that in the year 2016, Jetharam started pomegranate cultivation as a startup by taking a loan of Rs 15 lakh. For this, he had ordered 4,000 saplings of an advanced variety of pomegranate from Nashik, Maharashtra. After this Kodecha did not look back.

Earns this much

The special thing is that Jetharam Kodecha is not educated. They are illiterate thumb print farmers. Despite this, he has left behind big businessmen. He is producing improved varieties of pomegranate like Bhagwa and Sindoori in his farm. Jetharam has cultivated pomegranate in 45 bighas of land. 25 kg of pomegranate is produced from one plant. According to Jetharam, he started earning after one year of starting pomegranate cultivation. In the second year, he earned Rs 7 lakh by selling pomegranates. Similarly, he earned Rs 15 lakh in the third year, Rs 25 lakh in the fourth year, and Rs 35 lakh in the fifth year from pomegranate. They say that so far they have earned Rs 80 lakh by selling pomegranates.

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