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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Bharat Mata got Rakshabandhan gift from 'Chanda Mama', now money will rain from 'Moon Economy'

We the people of India, call our country 'Bharat Mata' and the moon 'Chanda Mama'. The 'Chandrayaan-3' mission has given a new status to this precious relationship of brother and sister. Just before Rakshabandhan, 'mother' has reached her brother to tie rakhi to him and now 'uncle' will increase the country's supremacy in 'moon economy' and rain money....

Today the extra booster of patriotism is booming inside all of us. The reason for this is also special… With the help of 'Chandrayaan-3', India has become the first country in the world to reach the South Pole of the Moon. On this occasion, we all want to raise the slogan of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' with full enthusiasm, and this relationship of calling our country 'mother' also gives us the right to call the moon 'Chanda Mama'. Now that the festival of Rakshabandhan is near, before that the meeting of 'Mother' and 'Mama' touches every emotion of being an Indian, and on this festival of Rakhi, the gift from maternal uncle to mother is going to be of 'Moon Economy'. Power, which will give a lot of money to the country in the coming days. Let us know about this moon economy…

Even in our childhood memories, a lullaby like 'Chanda mama door ke, pue pakaye boor ke' is enshrined. Now the country is going to get this 'Bura' (sweet fruit) in the form of a lot of income from the moon economy. The success of ISRO's 'Chandrayaan-3' has put India in the club of only 4 countries in the world to reach the moon. That's why now the talk is moving from 'Space Economy' to 'Moon Economy', and due to its low cost, India is going to impress many giants of the world.

First know what is 'moon economy'?

Some time ago you must have seen the film 'Avatar - The Way of Water'. In it, people from the earth who go to an imaginary planet like 'Pandora', take out a special substance from a sea creature and send it to the earth. Its price on earth is in several crores of dollars. Because of this, the entire space mission of 'Pandora' works. Now fit this example on the 'moon', that is, there are many such things found on the surface of the moon which can give a booster to the world's economy. That's why the country which reaches the moon first, its claim will be stronger.

Well 'moon economy' is not just that. It has three stages – first, to study by sending a space mission to the moon. After this, sending humans to the moon and then setting up the tourism industry means that 'Chanda Mama' has become a tour, not a distant one. When these two phases are completed, then commercial use of the information obtained from them, building a space station on the moon, trading mineral resources and finally settling humans on the moon.

This post is going viral on the success of Chandrayaan 3

Money will rain from 'moon economy'

Many countries are sending space missions to the moon. Recently, Russia's 'Luna-25' mission was also sent, which ultimately failed due to the crash. Its cost was also around Rs 1600 crore, and India and ISRO are going to win here. India's Chandrayaan-3 was completed in just Rs 615 crores, now due to this success, India can complete the 'moon mission' cheaply for the rest of the world, that is, by repeatedly going to Chanda Mama, the country Is going to earn a lot.

How to earn from 'Moon Economy'?

A PwC report says that by 2040, 1000 astronauts will be on the moon. Out of this, about 40 astronauts are expected to reach the moon only by 2030. In such a situation, the equipment required to go to the moon, space shuttle, telescope as well as many TV shows and other programs related to the moon, etc. will become part of the 'moon economy' and employment will be generated on a large scale. The size of this 'moon economy' could be up to $634 billion, and India could get a major share due to its low cost and manufacturing expertise.

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