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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Explainer: The burden of the students will reduce or the tension will increase, know the advantages and disadvantages of the exam twice a year

Many state boards, including the CBSE board, had decided to conduct board exams in two terms after the Corona period. In this, the first term exams were held in December and the second term exams were held in March-April.

The central government has decided that from the next academic session, board exams will be held twice a year. The exam whose result is better will be recognized and on that basis the final result will be declared. Orders have also reached the states to do the same. If learned educationists have decided, then definitely the decision would be good, but difficulties are not going to reduce in this way. This is the opinion of the teachers who teach the children. They believe that the seriousness of the students towards education will be less.

Looking back a little, at the time of admission in ninth class, it had to be decided that what the student is going to study? Science, Commerce or Arts. As time progressed, this arrangement ended. Ninth, 10th were made one for all and at the time of admission in 11th, it was decided that what students would study? But the board exam was based on the 11th and 12th syllabus.

What will be the effect of the exam twice?

Through changes, school education has now reached two board exams in a year. The teachers don't seem very enthusiastic about it. They believe that this system will weaken the foundation. The stress of examination in children which used to come once in a year, now it will come twice or it may also happen that the fear of examination will end completely.

Teachers say that subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Bio are not such that any child can understand their details in six months. Now he has the freedom to change the subject in the new education policy. If a student studying arts in class 11th starts studying science in class 12th, then how much his understanding will be developed is also a question.

What are the rules already in CBSE Board?

In CBSE based Kendriya Vidyalaya, the sessions of education are generally regular. There was some reshuffle during the Corona period but now it has been fixed again but in state board and other CBSE based private schools it is a tradition to do so till the admission form is filled. A principal of Uttar Pradesh Board says that they are still taking admission. The student who is coming today will give the exam in February. Means his total studies will be five months. During this there are long holidays on festivals. If he gives the exam on the same basis then what good will he be able to do? This is a big question in itself. It will be interesting to see what shape our education system takes in the future.

Purushottam Mishra, a teacher in a CBSE school, takes it in stride. He says that there is not going to be any very negative impact. The reason is that the weekly test, fortnightly test, monthly test, quarterly test, half yearly test are still being given by the students. They do not believe that any stress of examination is going to fall on the children. While Kendriya Vidyalaya teacher Neeraj Rai says that it will have a negative impact on the students. There is also a danger that students may consider the seriousness of the board exam to be zero. It means that there is a possibility that it should not be taken seriously at all.

Exam phobia can increase

Dr. Jagdish Mohan Rawat, who was the Deputy Commissioner in the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, says that the age of the students appearing for the board exams is less. They take the stress of anything very quickly. Older people seem to be suffering from exam phobia, while small children are only small. Dr. Rawat says that board exams twice a year should not be such that it makes the children mentally ill. All the changes in the new education policy are good but the government should reconsider it.

Akhilesh Kumar Ranjan, Principal in UP Board's Inter College, says that difficulties are going to come in this. The kind of fast experiments that have been done in education in the last ten years, it is possible that someone is getting its benefit, but it cannot be considered appropriate for knowledge. Students need a chance to study and teachers also need to teach. Then repetition is also necessary. Everyone's stress has to increase in the board exams twice.

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