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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Uber: Uber ride will be canceled for free, cancellation charge will not be charged

Uber Cancellation Charge:
If you also travel with Uber, then tell that the company has ended a major tension of the passengers. Sometimes the situation becomes such that after the ride is booked, it has to be cancelled, but on cancellation, the company imposes a cancellation charge. Users were very angry with this, but now the company has told that in which situation the cancellation charge can be waived.

Most people use cab services like Ola and Uber to travel from one place to another. Uber, a company offering cab service worldwide, has now removed a major tension of the people. If you also travel with Uber, then our today's news is especially for you, do you know what the company's policy says on canceling the ride? Now you will say yes, we know that the company charges a cancellation charge (Uber Cancellation Charge) for canceling the ride.

If the driver reaches the user's location and then the user cancels the ride, then a cancellation charge is levied depending on the driver's time and fuel consumption, it sounds right, but the other side of the coin is something else. Is. On the other hand, many users reported that some situations arise in which the ride has to be canceled and then it is not right to take cancellation charges in such a situation, many users also expressed displeasure over this fact.

Uber reviewed this complaint received from users and now the company says that users can ask for a refund of the cancellation fee in some situations. Mani Chadha, Customer Experience Director, who works in the company on behalf of Uber, told in an interview to a media company that Uber ensures the safety of passengers and if the situation demands, the cancellation charge can be waived.

Uber will not charge cancellation fees in these 5 situations

If the Uber driver forces you to ride offline.

If the vehicle number is different from the vehicle number shown in the app.

If the driver's name does not match the driver's name displayed in the app.

Even after choosing online payment, if the driver is pressurizing to give cash.

If the driver is charging more than the fare shown in the Uber app.

Uber has considered all these situations mentioned above as a security threat, which is why the company does not charge cancellation fees from users. Let us tell you that if the cancellation fee has been charged then how can you get rid of it.

Apply like this

If you want to remove the cancellation fee, then for this you just have to follow some easy steps, first of all open the Uber app.

After opening the Uber app, go to Trips and then go to the Help section.

After going to the help section, you people have to tap on the Review My Cancellation Fee option, after that you have to choose a correct reason to get rid of the cancellation fee.

Note: After following these three steps mentioned above, the cancellation fee will be waived and you will not need to pay extra on the next ride, if your ride was on prepaid mode i.e. if you have already paid for the ride If you had paid, you will get a refund from the company in the original payment source.

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