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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

OMG! Unemployed man made his wife bald, the reason is going to give goosebumps

Kalanther Nibraz: A woman living in UK has told a hair-raising story to the court. She says that her husband shaved her bald and then beat her with a belt. Apart from this, he tortured her in many other ways.

Kalanther Nibraz: Some relations are such that they are not related to blood, but still they become more than blood relations. This relationship is the relationship of husband and wife . It is one of the most beautiful and strong relationships in the world and this relationship survives only on the basis of love and trust. If there is a deficiency in any of these two things, then the string of the relationship starts breaking. Although it is said that husband and wife face every difficulty of life together, but in some relationships this is not seen at all. Some people are of suspicious nature and such people make their partner 's life worse than hell. One such case is in discussion these days, which has surprised people.

Actually, a husband had made his wife's life hell for 17 years. He used to torture her in such a way that your soul will tremble just thinking about it. The person's name is Kalanther Nibraz and he is 45 years old. According to the report of Daily Star, the man's wife has accused him that he used to torture her mentally as well as physically and even tried to kill her.

The hair-raising story told in the court

The matter is in the court, where during the hearing, the woman made such allegations against her husband that even you will get goosebumps. The woman told that her husband had shaved her bald, beat her with a belt and kicked her on the stomach several times. She told the court that her husband was unemployed, in such a way she used to work herself for household expenses, but in spite of this her husband never respected her, rather he had made her life hell for 17 years.

Used to call his wife ugly

According to reports, he is originally from Sri Lanka, but he has settled in the UK. The woman alleged that her husband had gone to Sri Lanka during the Corona period, where he had relations with many women and blamed the wife for doing so. The woman said that he used to call her ugly and had relations with other women. On the complaint of a friend of the woman, the police have arrested her husband and interrogated him, but the man has denied all the allegations leveled against him. He says that his wife had shaved her hair of her own free will. Along with this, he also said that he had given him complete freedom.

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